Week Six

Day 36 – Sweet and Fluffy


The flump is definitely one of my favourite childhood sweets. Despite the fact these days, they’re an extortionate amount of money (10p each!), I still love em’! And – bonus – they’re “fat free” so I don’t feel quite as bad indulging in the sweet fluff!

Day 37 – Doughy 


I ate 11 dough balls. And I’m not sorry.

Day 38 – China Town, London


I always feel at home in China town. The food is undeniably good, it’s food I eat regularly when I’m back with my folks and of course, I’m part Chinese. So when I was strolling through China Town in London, I couldn’t quite contain my excitement when I saw a sign saying “Macclesfield Street.” For those of you who don’t know, I’m from Macclesfield in Cheshire. Looks like China town really is my second home!

Day 39 – The luxury of a TV


For years now I have contemplated having a TV in my room, but never quite seen the reason. Until last week when I stayed in a hotel and woke up to a TV right in front of my king-size bed. I woke up early and took the time to listen to the days news whilst being all snuggled up. It was then I saw the reason why it’s so great to have a TV in your bedroom! Relaxationnnnn.

Day 40 – Space with no Space


I LOVE a girls night out! This Saturday I spontaneously got my gladrags on and headed to Space with some old friends. We went to Space. If you’ve been there, you know there’s no space. It’s a shame really, space would be good – and a separate toiler for women! But, nonetheless, I had a fabulous time and got ma grooooove on!

Day 41 – Vintage Bedtime


I went to change my sheet and I realised, my lovely mama bear (bless her amazing soul) forgot to pack an extra base sheet for me. Therefore I thought I’d treat myself to a new set. I only own a couple so it was nice to pick out a new pattern! However, silly me, realised that when you buy a new set, a base sheet doesn’t come with it. Ah well – least I got some beautiful fresh sheets!

Day 42 – New Concoction 


Who knew Ketchup and Hot Pepper Sauce would work. My days, spiced my burger up I must say! However, turns out I’m late on this bandwagon. People are actually surprised I’ve never tried the combo before. I don’t think I can enjoy ketchup any other way now! Spice up ya life!


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