Week Eight

Day 48 – Nail Art

I love to glam up my nails and play around with new styles! Today I went for geometric. This is how we do it:

– Base coat all over

– Silver coat all over

– Take the purple and sweep across the nail in a cross formation, leaving a triangle at the base for the silver to peep through!

Day 49 – Cream cakes and calories

Once in a while I binge. I couldn’t have pancakes this year so, this was my binge…

Day 50 – Shootin and bootin

This is possibly my favourite shoot at work so far. I was baffled and blown away by numerous magicians and ended the day in a graveyard! Not many people can say they love their job. I am one of the fortunate ones!

Day 51 – Amsterdam here we come! 

Off to Amsterdam on the 12 hour ferry!! Most bizarre journey ever, but thoroughly enjoyed it!

Day 52 – The Dam!

Our first full day. We ate, we shopped, we looked at sex things, we partied and we had very little sleep!

Day 53 – Final day, sun is shining!

Amsterdam transforms into something of beauty when the sun pops out! The water causes the most glorious reflections and everybody is ten times chirpier!

Day 54 – And we played poker right through until morning..

There’s no need for sleep. Party on the ferry until the early hours of the morn. It all went downhill at around 6am…


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