Week Five

Day 29 – Oaty Banana Breakfast Cake!


Don’t really know what to call this. I got the recipe from a fellow blogger. It’s a mashed banana, porridge oats, honey and cinnamon. All baked to create something truly delicious. If you want your kitchen to smell like cake first thing in the morning, DO IT!

Day 30 – Hariboing it up like a child!


My good friend E-v-e who I’ve spoken of quite regularly, had me round for din dins and I’d had a rough day. So. Haribo called. Acting like a child called. I couldn’t have been happier. And my day definitely smoothed out!

Day 31 – Calves’o’clock


I’ve been KILLING myself at the gym lately and eating like a massive loser, so when I woke up after leg day to these bad boys, I was pretty pleased. No pain no gain. My legs are still killing me.

Day 32 – My Valentines Day


My gurl, E-v-e cooked for me and I cooked for her. We exchanged gifts, listened to motown and ate SO much food! It was perfect. Not to mention Bridget Jones was on the telebox – that was the icing on the cake indeedy!

Day 33 – Treat to myself


They say you should buy a new pair of trainers every 600km. I assume I run/walk that throughout the year so usually change in January. Though this year, I missed the boat. My finances were pretty awful and so I thought I’d just deal with the scruff. Luckily, things were looking up and so I decided to treat myself to a lovely new pair of Nike’s. Cheeky. Nothing beats a gym sesh in new kicks!

Day 34 – Feelin Fresh


Since giving up alcohol for a month, I’ve realised that there’s really no point in getting “mortal” just to feel like utter rubbish the next day. So, I’ve started going out, having a ball and drinking just enough to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! So when I woke up after a night out, feeling fresh enough to head to the gym, I was pretty pleased!

Day 35 – Time is of the Essence


For the first time in weeks I made it home from work/the gym before 9pm. It felt good to eat at a sociable hour! I wonder how single mums do it, I can barely find time for myself, let alone another person who needs 24 hour attention!



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