Week Four

Day 21 – Good Morning from the Office Doggie! 


Nothing says good morning like an over-excited spaniel! Bingo was so excited I couldn’t even get a whole shot of his face. He’s so fluffy and soft and reminds me of my hometown dog, Binksy. Nothing else could make me smile quite like it.

Day 22 – Lentils 


Ok, yeah. They look a little like vomit. However, they were super warm and relaxing on a cold winter’s afternoon. Not to mention, lentils are incredibly good for – high protein and keep you fuller for way longer. I just cooked them up with some sweet potato, tomatoes, scotch bonnet and garlic. Power food!

Day 23 – Spontaneous Pizza Feast


Thursdays for me are rarely fun times. They usually entail the gym, food and sleep. However this Thursday, I had the pleasure of indulging in a Vodka Pizza from Revolution, beverages and plenty of smiles.

Day 24 – Hometime, long lost friends


We all know how much I love my Binky Boo. He’s on his last legs after 13 years of being the coolest dog around but still manages to strike an ADORABLE pose for the cam. Nothing makes me happier to be home than seeing his little oochy, coochy face!

Day 25 – Pardy Time



Celebrating a friends birthday – the perfect excuse to spend hours on my hair and make-up!

Day 26 – Crackle Crackle Pop


Anybody who appreciates crackling on their roast pork, knows how ecstatic I was when this was presented in front of me. Not to mention, underneath was a lovely layer of jerk seasoning! God I love being home!



Yep, more food. Cooked up a protein filled delight of chicken drumsticks smothered in chinesey goodness! No carbs, lots of veggies, feeling clean! That and my day at work was pretty anticlimactic! Chicken was the only thing to make me smile.

Day 28 – Frozen


I’d heard about it, wanted to see it, but failed to make it to the cinema. So I was craving some Disney on my Tuesday evening, it seemed like the perfect fit considering the crazy weather conditions outside! I really enjoyed the film, a tad predictable but a beautiful love story nonetheless!



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