Week Nine

Day 55 – Belgium

If you haven’t read about it already, I was lucky enough to travel to Belgium and see some amazing sights with work! I love my job!!

Day 56 – War in Action

Again, this is Belgium. Except this time, you’re not looking at the glorious sight of the cemetery, but the astonishing image of old WWI shells that never exploded.

Day 57 – Home, safe and sound

I hadn’t been home and settled for a while, so laying in bed just about to collapse, I smiled at this sight.

Day 58 – Healthy Start

I love a healthy start to the day, it puts me in good spirits. So when I started with some Belvita, Grapefruit, Peanut Butter and Lemon Tea, I felt gooooooood!

Day 59 – Binksta

If you know me, you know my dog is my bestest friend. It’s only fitting that we selfie each time we reunite! He’s getting old and it wasn’t easy to get him to keep his eyes open… but here he is! Isn’t he adorable?!

Day 60  – Running up that hill

Being home means being in the countryside. My dad and I went for a trek up White Nancy in Bollington. I ran up the hill and nearly collapsed. But it’s worth it for the view!

Day 61 – Chickannn

Chicken is protein and I love me some protein! The butchers near my house do 22 chicken breasts for £20! BARGAIN. And as you can see, the breasts are rather large indeed.


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