Week One

Day 1 – Bathtub Times

So here it is – Day One!


A bubble bath – a rarity for me. Nothing beats a bath so hot your skin tingles and candles so sweet they help every muscle in your body relax. Now all I want to do is sleep. And that, my friends, makes me very happy indeed!

Goodnight x


Day 2 – Oreo Truffles and Recipe


Oreo Truffles:

Take one pack of Oreos (crushed) and roughly three quarters a 200g tub of Philidelphia – mix realllllllly well!

Roll into balls and allow to chill in the fridge for 30 mins.

Melt some chocolate (any will do) and dip the truffles into the sauce. Again, allow to chill for 30mins…

Voila. A very, very happy moment indeed!


Day 3 – Goodbye LivingSocial


Today was my last day as LivingSocial’s intern. I have a learnt so much more than anticipated, the experience was an invaluable and extremely memorable one!

I had a lovely last day with good friends, hopefully lifelong friends! Who knows, it’s a crazy world we live in! Good job I’m happy each and every day!


Day 4 – Last Night Out in Landan 


So the time came; my last night in London. It was a sad state of affairs but I couldn’t have asked for a better send off! The girls I’ve met are like sisters to me, so much so, I didn’t even have to drink and I had an amazing night! We danced until ridiculous hours in the morning, nearly broke a bed and of course, enjoyed a Brick Lane Bagel (if you’ve never had one, make it your mission to get one).

Though it was sad, it was also the happiest part of my day. Nothing beats a girls night out!


Day 5 – Feeling the Love


Today I left my second home to move to my third. Crazy right? If you didn’t already hear, I am leaving the big city to start a new chapter in Leeds.

I go to Leeds uni so it’s not as daunting as it sounds, but I hadn’t anticipated moving for at least another seven months! But the world is random and unexpected like that. So it’s time to visit the mad world of television, see if I’m actually any good at it! The BBC is a big gig and I’m definitely lacking confidence in the run up to day one!

When I received this amazing leaving card from my newly adopted sister, Iona, I couldn’t help but feel a little more confident and happy that I have somebody like her in my life 🙂

It will remain close to me over the course of my time at Leeds as a reminder of my times in London and the things I learnt about myself and the world around me.


Day 6 – Carrot Cake


Definitely starting to see a theme here! Things that make Tashie happy: food and lots of it, the more calories the better!!

These carrot cupcakes I baked with the notorious Eve, were delicious and definitely brightened up my day. Or maybe it wasn’t the cupcakes, perhaps it was the company? Either way, I go to sleep full and smiley!


Day 7 – Twinings Time


Today I thought I’d treat myself to some healthy herbal teas. Regular tea is great but it causes a few problems for me:

– The milk in tea never works well with my body and I tend to just feel sick after drinking it!

– I have to have sugar in my tea which isn’t very good for you at all!

– It can stain your teeth

– You may not realise it, but the caffeine becomes slowly addictive; habits are never good!

So when I saw that Twinings herbal teas were just £1 in my local shop, I kind of splurged! They’re usually pretty expensive so I tend to buy own brand teas.

They’re totally worth it though. The flavours are really strong! My favourite is camomile and honey – it’s really relaxing, just how tea should be!

Don’t get me wrong, I still need a real tea to help me start the day, but these fruity teas make for a lovely mid-day alternative! Smiles all round!



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