Week Seven

Day 43 – Sunshine in Wolverhampton


Despite a 6am start and a three hour car journey, the sunshine on shoot in Wolverhampton was more than enough to put a smile on my face. There is nothing worse than filming in the rain! Plus the day ran very smoothly which was a delightful bonus!

Day 44 – A Successful Delivery


Two weeks running I had problems with my precious Graze boxes. The first week they didn’t fit through my letterbox and the second week my next door neighbour decided they would eat it for me. However this week, it arrived into the office, safe and sound!

Day 45 – Lemons lemons lemons


I’ve been drinking lemons in hot water a lot lately. One a day. I must admit, it makes me feel so refreshed first thing in the morning. My skin is clearing, I feel more awake, it’s great! This particular day I was feel extremely fatigued so I was pleased with my morning cuppa lemons!

Day 46 – Last supper


Today was my last day of sweeties. It was only sensible that I stuff my face with Rowntrees Randoms – three packets to be specific. I’ll miss the sweet life, but it’s only for a month!

Day 47 – Catchin’ Up


I’ve known this kid for 10 years. It was lovely to sit, eat and catch up! (that’s an extra large rack of ribs in case you were wondering)


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