Week Ten

Day 62 – Fruitas

I love the sight of fresh fruit, especially in the morning after a 6am gym session!

Day 63 – Tilty, Essex

If you haven’t been to Tilty, you should. It’s a tiny village in Essex that has some stunning views. However, it is literally a road. So if you’re there, stop by Thaxted too where there are even more lovely things to see!

Day 64 – Doing my bit

Everyone’s seen the bareface selfie. I did it and I believe in it. I’m glad that I did!

Day 65 – Ready to see ma gurl

I finally booked tickets after three months to go and see my best friend in the WHOLE WORLD. Counting down the days…

Day 66 – Durham

I had never been to Durham before and when I saw this, I literally fell in love with it! It’s such a lovely, clean city that I could happily live in!

Day 67 – Besties Reunite

Who would’ve thought that 15 years on, we’d still be the best of friends. I love this girl to pieces – so happy to have seen her!

Day 68 – Playing pool

I haven’t played pool in years! We went to The Common Room in Sheffield that has a great menu, great drinks, great atmosphere and plenty of competition! Well worth a visit. (TRY THE OREO MILKSHAKE!)



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