Week Three

Day 15 – (not so) itty bitty waist


Any girl who has an ass will understand the pain I feel whilst jean shopping. You have to get a size bigger than you want to allow yourself, you spend ages convincing yourself you can lose an inch and then they’ll fit better, or maybe once they’ve been washed they’ll have a little more give. Nope, no shifting that ass, so deal with it.

So I took the plunge and got me some new jeans. They’re so comfortable. I found them in Topshops new Petite collection.

I like them because they’re super soft and stretchy, so if I wanna lunge spontaneously, I can do! Because they’re from the Petite section they fit me really well. However, it is a bit disheartening when you buy a size 10 in New Look and have to go for a 12 in Topshop! But they’re worth it for the comfort!

Day 16 – Hotel Room


A big old bed made especially for me, to destroy as I spread out like a be-crazed monkey in the night. Oh and there was a lovely bubbly bath awaiting my presence in the other room.

Day 17 – Wet n Wild in Wales


My first BIG day at work. First recce, first shoot. I’m not going to lie, it was extremely challenging! The snow that turned to rain, the icy breeze and the long hours, all took their toll. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much more than I thought was possible holding a tripod or two!

I also got a taste for White Water Rafting. As you can see from the pictures, the water is beautiful and perfect for the sport! We visited The National Centre for White Water Rafting, they have tonnes of adventures available!

I had always been dubious about the safety of such activities, but after seeing various daredevils take to the waves, I actually started to get quite intrigued. I definitely want to try it, perhaps in a warmer climate though – Brazil anybody?


Day 18 – Hello Vino!


My favourite wine, after one month of no drinking – there are no words.

Day 19 – Sunshine, no rain!


Finally, we are graced with a day of sunshine! So sunny in fact, that I can see my entire silhouette scattered across the frosty grass. Days like this are pure bliss for me. I even found that I was walking down the street (to the gym) with a smile on my face!

Day 20 – Guilty Pleasure


Ironically, I’m watching Gossip Girl as I type. It’s story-lines are totally tragic and ridiculously predictable. However, it is television gold! The only problem is the girls are so beautiful and I constantly wish I could look like them. *cries*

Day 21 – Good Morning from the Office Doggie! 


Nothing says good morning like an over-excited spaniel! Bingo was so excited I couldn’t even get a whole shot of his face. He’s so fluffy and soft and reminds me of my hometown dog, Binksy. Nothing else could make me smile quite like it.



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