Week Two

Day 8 – Tuna for a Student!


Day 9 – My Wife for the Week


This week has been my first week back in Leeds.

It’s sometimes hard moving to a new place, especially on your own. So living with my friend Eve for the week has been lovely. It’s so nice to come home to a familiar face and have a good old chin wag about my day! Having someone to bake with, cook with (or for, in this case) and watch movies with makes life that little bit sweeter.

She makes me laugh with her crazy ways most of the time, but this was a particular moment that was worth capturing (bearing in mind, this was first thing in the morning!!)

Day 10 – Starbucks to Work


When I left my old job, my wonderful colleagues treated me to a Starbucks card so I can have unlimited Chai Tea Lattes to keep me warm up in the wintry north! After a week of thinking about it, I finally got up a little early to stop and get one en route to work. It was a Friday so I thought “go on, treat yoself!”

It was the perfect way to start the day – start smiles, end smiles.

Day 11 – I’m a Mermaid!


After having the most stressful day moving into my new house, it was time to pardy pardy for my best friends 21st! The theme was Ocean. Party! There were jellyfish, scuba divers, drowned people, nemo’s and even Spongebob Square Pants! The house was also cleverly decorated to feel like you were under the sea – very cool!

I dressed as a mermaid – not exactly the most adventurous of costumes, but I had soooooo much fun making my make-up as bold and as crazy as possible!

Of course, despite the splashes in the ocean, I managed to stay dry (excuse the witty pun!) Redbulls and tonic water were on the cards and I had a fabulous time! Plus I actually remember how good the birthday cake tasted – bonus!

Day 12 – Fwends

Luckily for me, post mermaid, ocean, spongebob night, I had zero hangover – all hail dry January! My dear friends on the other hand, were feeling a little worse for wear!

The remedy, we concluded, had to be Nandos for one and all! Now I’m not a complete and utter raving fan of Nandos, you can just make it yourself for a third of the price. But surrounded by friends, banter and unlimited refills, it made for a lovely day. Not to mention the fact it ended with a competitive round of Articulate!


Day 13 – There’s no shave, like a new razor shave

It’s winter and as previously stated in my Autumn Post I’m not so strict on the leg shaving once the sun has disappeared… Gotta keep that additional insulation! However, it was time to banish the Amazonian Girl in preparation for February (not that I’m hopeful for sunshine). So I got myself some brand new Wilkinson Sword razors and wowee do my legs feel good!

It’s official, there’s no shave quite like a brand new razor shave!


Day 14 – Jacob Banks


Jacob Banks is my all time favourite artist. And this week I got to go and see him for the 3rd time!!! Sorry to sound like a crazed teenager, but he really is phenomenal. He’s also incredibly humble and that’s definitely reflected in his performance.

His music is soulful and his voice is like velvet. As a songwriter, you can tell that everything he writes comes from the heart. Every word is relatable, every melody a beautiful one.

I can’t gush enough about how great this guy is and how one day he will be a superstar. For now, he’s working his way up to the stars, performing with the likes of Wretch 32 and Chase and Status. He’s world class, the world just need the chance to hear him.

Below is my favourite track from him, but he’s got a great mixture of tracks so make sure you check him out!



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