Skegness Beach, A Review!


So, the boyf and I decided – what with the weather being so glorious and all – that we would head to Skegness for a day at the beach. It had been planned a week in advance, I headed up North on 20/7/13 and the weather was slightly drizzly. Now, I am known to be optimistic so I double, triple checked the weather at regular intervals to ensure Sunday would be dazzling. Intermittent cloud they say! That’ll do! It was drizzle… ALL DAY!!!

Anyway, despite the clouds it was a lovely day. Skegness is rather, erm, quaint? I wouldn’t say it’s the Bahamas, however, for a fairly cheap day out it wasn’t bad! Had the weather been better, my analysis might be completely different!

The day started with mini golf. Naturally, I won – despite any interference from young reckless children. We then planned to head over to the Seal Sanctuary, though at £7 per head it was much cheaper to allow the boyf a second chance at mini golf victory (I let him win this time – by one point). Money much better well spent!

Next, of course, it was the arcades!!!! So much fun. Dance mat – no comment, I lost – 2 penny machines in which we made zero profit, various machines that churn out tickets (a definite waste of money unless you manage to gain 200+ tickets) and finally… the grabber machine.

Tactics – wait for someone to spend a tonne of money on one machine then swoop in and take the winnings! We worked this tactic throughout the day, and guess what? We won a Mr Blobby teddy! Not the most desirable prize on display but a prize nonetheless! I have never seen elation like it when Rys (the boyf) grabbed and won the toy. We continued the tactic in the Sonic Teddy Grabber Machine (technical term?) I was inches away from getting myself a cute toy when £2.50 later I called it a day and gave up. Someone probably swooped in just after me to take my winnings, but hey – karma’s a bitch!

Finally, to top off the day – Hot, sugary doughnuts. 10 for £1, not bad at all. Cheap calories, what more could you want?!



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