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Strawberry Pickin’ and Wildlife & Falcon Sanctuary, Lincoln

So we went strawberry picking! I would highly recommend it; the strawberries were incredible (different flavours too!), I got to eat as I went along, I chose the prettiest AND they were half the price of supermarket strawberries. We used them to make a strawberry coulis and Eaton mess, both went together very nicely!

Later in the day we headed to the Wildlife & Falcon Sanctuary in Lincoln. It was so much more than I expected. As you enter you are greeted by a parrot perching on a lone tree. Polly – it says she can talk but I heard nothing! From there, you are presented with a variety of mammals (Meerkat, Otters, Wolves, Racoons, a Sloth, Lemur) to birds (Falcons, Owls, Parrots, Ducks). At the start of the day you are given the option to buy meerkat/otter/bird food, of course I jumped at the chance to feed meerkat (SIMPLES) so I paid the £1 for a pot of dried maggots. Feeding was the highlight of my day! The meerkat gathered below my hands looking up in great anticipation for some snacks. However, the otters were probably the cutest, they caught the food with their teeny weeny hands when you threw it to them – this must take years of practice as they very rarely missed the minute maggots!

Throughout the day there are various shows, unfortunately we only got to see the one! However, it was funny, engaging and educational. For £7, I thought the day was well priced and definitely worth every penny. We intend to go back later in the year!


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