Allow the Duck Challenge to Commence!



Now. I know it looks like poo in a roll – I blame that on my terrible phone camera. It’s not poo. It’s succulent, tender duck from Covent Garden Market. Quite pricey at £6 and quite small. However, delicious in every way.

This was a lunchtime treat for me. I’ve had a duck roll in the past from Borough Market; that was insanely good! It had the perfect amount of crispy skin, juices and the roll was twice the size of this one at just £4.50! However, I had no mustard or rocket on that one, perhaps that was an important factor I hadn’t taken into account?

Going over this rather detailed comparison in my head, I realised I had begun a Duck Challenge: Go to every market in London and find the best duck sandwich. Something tells me Borough Market is the place to be, but hey, if it means I get to eat more duck I am game!

I’ll keep you all posted on the challenge, something tells me it might take a while and a hefty chunk of cash!


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