Siam Eatery, Wellington Street, Covent Garden


Let’s all face it, we’ve had a pretty good summer this year. We were overdue so I don’t feel that I need to thank the big man above. However, it’s inevitable that we will be faced with the odd spot of rain. If you didn’t already know, I work in Covent Garden and love food. So naturally, come 11:30am my thoughts are overrun by places to eat and things to do in my hour of freedom. On the day of Siam Eatery, it was a typical rainy day. The sky was a dusty grey and there was no prospect of the sun breaking through. My body craved warmth. Air con was not needed, despite the humidity. Upon referral from a fellow colleague I made my way across the road to what was described as “a reallllllly nice Thai place.” Now, I am partial to an Asian cuisine or too, so the idea of a warm, flavour filled meal was extremely appealing on this dreary day. The interior of the café has a very exotic feel. The walls are wooden and there are a variety of pinks and greens scattered around the room. It’s inviting. The lovely waitress was very hospitable and offered me a more descriptive menu that detailed each meal down to a tee. Though I was craving warmth, I wanted to keep the carbs low! They had a variety of carb free options from prawn infused soups to chicken satay salads. Satay is the beast of all Asian food to me. Slightly naughty, but with a salad surely it can’t be bad? I turned to the counter to purchase my gold mine when I was told, there were none left and I would have to wait 5 minutes. “Not a problem… I can wait!” (Tashie 2013) And wow, was it worth the wait. I received a dainty box filled with satay soaked chicken (not to sweet, not too sticky), a lovely garden of greens (crispy, fresh however lacking much flavour – that’s a salad for you!) and underneath the chicken lay the most delicious rice I think I might ever had tasted. It was yellow from the turmeric, sweet from the chicken satay sauce and gave me that little bit of carb I needed to get me through the rest of my working day. Due to the fact I was having merely a salad for my mid-day munch, I decided to grab some healthy crisps. I know what all you cynical women out there are thinking – there’s no such thing. Think again my female followers, think again. These crisps were made from apple and instead of being fried, they were dried to create their crispy texture. Perhaps the only downside to these “crisps” is that they aren’t savoury, they’re in fact ridiculously sweet. I might say too sweet, which must be sweet because I am the queen of sweet tooth. Aside from that, 60 calories a bag at 50p each, I really couldn’t complain. A delicious lunchtime meal for just £5-£6, I really couldn’t complain. Not to mention the great customer service I received during and after my meal. I say after because I tweeted my satisfaction to them and received a lovely reply in return. I have since returned to Siam Eatery and intend to try everything on the menu before my year in London is up!



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