Posh Lucheon: Balthazaar, Covent Garden



Yet another gem that looms in the depths of London’s famous Covent Garden. Not exactly cheap as chips, but supposedly quite famous in the area. Halfway between a patisserie and café this dainty cove harbours some beautifully crafted French cuisine.

Balthazaar offers a wide range of hand crafted sandwiches. Say no to your sliced white and indulge in their various varieties of focaccias filled with everything from roasted beef, to “jamon” – that’s ham to you and me. Though I am yet to sink my teeth into one of these beauties, I have word from others that they aren’t to be missed!

During my experience of Balthazaar I decided to go for the healthy option (just so I could indulge in a salted caramel and chocolate tarte… obviously!) and ordered the Salmon and Quinoa salad. It wasn’t anything special and for £6.50 I really didn’t think it was worth it. But I guess that’s what you get for choosing the healthy option? Though the salad was a disappointment, the dessert I had savoured was everything I wanted and somewhat more. The pastry was the perfect thickness, slightly sweet with exactly the right texture. In the centre swam a creamy pool of chocolate ganache topped with salted caramel pecans. It was simply delectable. However, simply too much! I ended up scooping out the chocolate with my pinky, leaving a tiny layer and a crispy coating of pecans. The proportion of pastry to chocolate became much more bearable from a ratio of 1:5 to 1:2. At £1.50 I couldn’t complain, it was lush!

Though this experience might not have been exactly how I had envisaged it upon stepping into the quaint little French kitchen, I am not deterred. I intend to return to try something a little more calorific and perhaps a little more flavoursome! I’m just a lover of crust over filling and that will never change. But hey, that’s just a personal preference, I urge you to make your own decision!


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