Time is of the Essence

I haven’t written a proper blog post in a long time.

So I figured, after a long day at The Restaurant Show stuffing my face with freebie samples, when I promised myself I would start “healthy eating,” that maybe I should have just a teeny weeny rant about myself.

Time is of the essence. That is what they say and that is definitely what I live by. It seems that trying to take on an internship, a paid job, a blog, a fitness regime and attempting to have a social life  is all too much to fit into a 24 hour day, or even a 7 day week for that matter.

If I don’t gym I feel fat.

If I don’t work I feel poor.

If I don’t speak to my friends I feel like a social recluse.

There’s just no winning.

This is what I propose to my stupidly busy self:

  • Gym at least 3 times a week
  • Eat well (that means 1 indulgent Siam Eatery meal per week)
  • Drink Green Tea and plenty of it (it’s surprising how good it makes me feel)
  • Take on less hours at work (if I get sacked, I get sacked. I’m only a waitress, not the Hulk)
  • Spend at least one evening a week, relaxing
  • Plan at least one social activity per week so as to feel like the social butterfly I was born to be!

Definitely achievable?

I’ll see if I can keep it up starting 7th October 2013 – 1st January 2014.

Time is of the essence, yes. But experiencing the time that you have, is also of essence. Is that the time? Better get going!


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