Chin Up Buttercup, Everything’s Going To Be Ok…

So the temperature’s slowly dropping, the nights are getting longer and the ridiculous expense of heating and Christmas are starting to play on your mind.

Whatever the reason, this time of year is notorious for sad faces and low spirits. I can sympathise with this, lately I have definitely been feeling the chill and I’m not exactly loving it. Sometimes all you need is a cuddle, a warm fire and some hot soup to make your day.

I pride myself on my optimism. Though at times I can be very realistic, I try my best to keep positive.

Tashie’s Guide to Positivity:

  • Write down something that has made you smile each day, at the end of the week – look back and smile some more
  • If you need a cuddle but it’s not so accessible – invest in a teddy (or a dog if you have the time and money!) Tails is my best friend on lonely nightsSnapshot_20130902


  • Don’t eat yourself into oblivion. Comfort eating will just make you resent life more
  • Wear bright colours, seeing an ocean of black when you walk into the office turns life into a constant funeral, noooo thank you!
  • Listen to “Walking on Sunshine – KC and The Sunshine Band” at least once a day
  • Do one good deed a day, this will bring good karma your way for sure and spread the happiness
  • Always remember, you could be dead… and that’s much worse (sorry to be brutal!)

Common Phrases I Use To Stay Positive!

“There’s no point crying over spilt milk”

“I tried my best”

“I could die tomorrow, there’s no pointing in hating life”

“Everything happens for a reason”

“So the silver lining is…”

“Time heals everything”

Spread the love. Keep smiling. And remember, nothing is ever as bad as it seems!

And if that didn’t work….






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