All you can eat meat

Now, as a student, it’s only natural that I am a huge fan of all you can eat restaurants. I have definitely had my fair share of Chinese Buffets! So when I heard that I could go to Bem Brasil in Manchester and have unlimited meat brought to my table throughout the evening, I was more than excited! 

They have 14 different types of meat available, all of which were divine! You simply turn the card on your table to red or green to signal to the meat bearers! You then take your plate and stack it high with salad, rice, pork and black bean stew (AMAZING – probably my favourite), polenta chips and sauces! The huge array of food meant that everybody was smiling – with or without a Gin and Tonic. 


The service is absolutely fantastic – any man who can walk around with a meat machete and then gently carve meats onto my plate without sawing off mine or his fingers, is a winner to me! However, for £25, I felt that I didn’t quite get my meats worth. Should I ever attend Bem Brasil again, I will be sure to avoid carbs and stick with protein! 

The atmosphere was buzzing! They even topped off the meal with some Grilled Cinnamon Pineapple which was lovely and refreshing! With no time restrictions, delectable foods and plenty of alcohol, this place is a must for anybody struggling to find a place to eat in Central Manchester! 

It’s a meat lovers dream!

Obrigado for now! 


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