The years last loveliest smile!

Righty Ho. So all the pessimists out there that think dark nights and dead leaves are all that Autumn has to offer are extremely mistaken.

Autumn can be magical in more ways than one – this is my guide to LOVING the season that – yes pessimists – has previously been used as symbolism of death and the life cycle (BORING)


All Hail Ye Mighty Conkers!

Conkers occur once a year, and let’s face it, there is nothing more satisfying than beating somebody at a nail-biting game of conkers! I say; it’s not about skill, it’s about the conker you choose to play with… my conker survived three rounds anyway, winning!

Playing in Leaves!

I always thought this was pretty stereotypical until the other day when I saw three consecutive people walk along a pavement that was half covered in leaves and half just regular tarmac, and every single one of them avoided the tarmac and basked through the Autumny goodness! (one was even wearing a suit) Perhaps playing in the leaves really does release happy endorphins!

Hot Bevvies!

I salute any excuse to drink copious amounts of Chai Lattes. Enough said I think!

Time to be Dora!

That’s right – I can finally put down the thin, inappropriate cardigan and swap it for my sturdy winter coat – which just so happens to make me look like Dora the Explorer (look at the picture if you don’t believe me…)


Hooray for central heating

Yeahhhhh, we can all be warm! (unless of course you are a student reading this and your strict flatmate is forcing you all to wear onesies and deal with the cold. In which case – Horray for onesies!)



Pumpkins are there for one thing and one thing only – carving competitions!!! Do one NOW!


The excuse to go out with a face like a slapped arse or dress like a mega slut – who could hate that?!

Bonfire Night

Even if you don’t do something on Bonfire Night, you are still part of the fun because you can see the sky light up through your bedroom window and get some extra sparkle in your life!

Hairy Mary Quite Contrary

There is absolutely no need for bare legs so you can let it alllllllllll grow! Th extra insulation will really make the difference, believe me!

Love in Autumn

And last but not least an Autumn fact that makes the season worth while – The cooling in temperature causes humans to naturally seek companionship and therefore are more likely to fall in love!





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