The sandwich is king – discuss

They say 70% of people eat the same thing everyday for lunch – the majority indulging in the lavish menu choice of a ham, or in fact (trying to be a bit edgy) a cheese sandwich – how daring!

I, myself tend to go for some sort of Asian meal (did I mention I’m part Chinese and Japanese? – yep that happened). But to be quite frank, you can soon become sick of chillies, sticky rice and soy sauce. So, I decided I’d try this sandwich deal and see if it really was worth all the hype.

After chatting to a few sandwich enthusiasts, I was informed that the best sandwich place in the area (Covent Garden) was a place called Benugo’s. Well it sounded slightly asian – a good start! Benugo’s do in fact have more than one branch around London… must be popular!

I walked into the sandwich shop and it was simply adorable! They sell little packets of pick and mix sweeties, a huge selection of some of the most beautiful looking cakes – I am yet to taste these! – and a sandwich station ready for action!

It works like a sophisticated Subway. You either choose a ready made sandwich combo, as recommended by Benugo’s, or you can put together your own sandwich monster. I chose the sandwich special of the day – roast pork, crackling and apple sauce – as I wanted to feel prematurely Christmasey!



(They have moustache’s on their packaging!!!)

I was not disappointed. First off, the bread is not just a bap or a BAAARRRRM as some people call them. Oh no! It was a soft, floury ciabatta (you can say ceeabatta if you want to sound posh – I do sometimes!) It was filled with crispy crackling and plenty of soft pork meat! Offt. It definitely satisfied my needs. I was full and I was smiling.

Now for the big question: Was I 100% satisfied having a sandwich for lunch?

Yes! I was indeed. I might have preferred the sandwich to be hot, considering the drop in temperature. But, for something different, it definitely made my tummy a happy one!

I have to admit, I’ve suggested it to my colleagues as a lunch option the past two weeks. Perhaps I liked it more than I will allow myself to let on!


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