I moustache you a question..


Do you do Movember? Are you male? Do you do it for fun or raise money?

All very valid questions. It seems these days, Movember is less about raising awareness and more about men competing to see who can avoid the razor the longest! The whole point of Movember (for those hairy men out there that actually have no idea) is for men to help raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer and mental health by growing a moustache for the 30 days of November. If you didn’t know, those of you participating are actually “Mo-Bros.”

I am a huge supporter of Movember! We rarely see campaigns around the issue of men’s health. Just because they’re big and strong does not mean that they don’t suffer from the same illnesses as us, girls!!  It’s time to shine for the moustaches – if only I could get involved?!!

Ahem! Well, ladies…Or should I say “Mo Sistas?”

We can show our support for the Mo Bros out there, taking part and raising money for Movember. Our role is to keep the men motivated for the full 30 days. A cheeky wink to show them they’re still a hotty. Maybe don’t shave your legs for a few weeks…maybe? Or just start up your own Mo Sista’s page and start raising money!

I am happy to be a Mo Sista. The plan is to post regular motivation for the Mo Bro’s out there whilst hopefully raising some money for this great cause throughout Movember..THERE WILL BE CAKES!!!


If you want to show your support, please donate at the following link!

Alternatively, if you wanna join me or have any questions – comment below! 🙂

Let’s go Mo Bro’s and Sistas! – 28 days to go!



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