How Christmas’y Are You?!

Ever wanted to know, specifically, just how Christmas’y you are? There’s more to it than just carols and mince pies. Take the test and find out! (NB: Note down your symbol for each question – you will need it at the end) 

1. During winter, you most look forward to…

reindeer Romance! Ice skating, cuddling up to stay warm, the crackling fire!

santa Buying tonnes of presents and spending hours wrapping them to perfection!

christmas tree Potential snow days!

snowman22 The end!


2. Finish the sentence: The best way to spread Christmas cheer..

reindeer Is by kissing under the mistletoe


snowman22 Is by eating reindeer

santa Is singing loud for all the hear

christmas tree Is relaxing over a refreshing beer


3. Your Christmas dinner consists of…

santa Turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas crackers and plenty of mulled wine!

snowman22 Anything but Turkey!

christmas tree We usually eat out!

reindeer Dinner for two, small yet so tasty!


4. Your winter drink of choice is usually…

christmas tree A cup of tea

reindeer Anything from Starbucks in the Christmas Red Cups

santa Bailey’s hot chocolate with plenty of cream and marshmallows!

snowman22 A cold drink


5. One of your favourite Christmas films is…

snowman22 Django Unchained

christmas tree Home Alone

santa All of them!

reindeer Love Actually


6. On Christmas Day, you wake up at roughly…

santa 6am

reindeer 8am

christmas tree 10am

snowman22 12pm


7. Over the Christmas period, you visit the German Markets…

reindeer Once with friends, once with my other half!

christmas tree One – Two times

snowman22 Never

santa More than twice


8. Your winter wardrobe consists of…

santa A Christmas themed jumper

reindeer A onesie

christmas tree A few thick knits

snowman22 A jumper and jeans


9. When you realised Santa wasn’t real (sorry!) you…

christmas tree Accepted it graciously


snowman22 Already knew from a young age


reindeer Cried



santa Still leave him milk and cookies every Christmas Eve


10. Your Christmas tree is decorated with…

reindeer Lots of red and gold

santa Lots of lights, lots of decorations and a huge star on top!

snowman22 Tinsel

christmas tree A co-ordinated colour scheme


So, how did you do?

Mostly Snowmen: The Hater

You hate Christmas and will do everything in your power to avoid any feeling of Christmas spirit!

Mostly Christmas Tree’s: The Ordinaries


The thought of Christmas coming so soon scares the shit out of you – what with presents, food, decorations etc. – but you get by and do most things by the book.

Mostly Reindeer: The Romantic

the holiday


Christmas is a time for cuddles, kisses and hibernating as a couple. When you’re single, you spend winter pining for someone to join you in experiencing the festivities!


Mostly Santa’s: The Lovers


Christmas is quite possibly your favourite time of year. You love to buy presents, spend hours prepping the food and wrapping yourself up in wintery layers!   



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