Barking in Essex


I had heard varied reviews of Barking in Essex and so when I was given the opportunity to attend with a friend, I thought I might as well make a judgement for myself!

Barking in Essex – as you can tell from the poster – looks cheeky, very much tongue in cheek and with Lee Evans starring, it has to be utterly hilarious… Doesn’t it?

Let’s remember two things, I do a Theatre degree and I am notoriously picky! 

It was terrible. If it hadn’t have been for Lee Evans, the whole performance would have been dull. Don’t get me wrong, I laughed quite a lot but only at Lee Evans and sometimes at Sheila Hancock (only because an old woman said Cunt on stage without cracking a smile!)

I wouldn’t say the performance is for people of all ages. The first line uses, what I deem to be one of the most disgusting words in the English vocabulary – Cunt. Not one for the kids then! So there’s the terrible language, but what’s worse is the sudden dark turn the play takes halfway through. When you think Essex you think, spray tans, loud personalities and vajazzles. This performance just didn’t deliver what was expected from the posters and trailers. Perhaps to some people, the shock is a good thing?

As a whole, I enjoyed my night at the Theatre; friends, drinks and some light entertainment! I wouldn’t go and watch it again but I’m glad I made an observation for myself instead of listening to the reviews of the not so picky!




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