Jeeves and Wooster


When I won two tickets to see Jeeves and Wooster in the theatre, I was ecstatic. I had been having a seriously rough week and I think I was due some good karma. Thanks to London Theatre Direct’s #TicketTuesday that was to be in the form of Jeeves and Wooster!

I hadn’t really heard of the play beforehand, but once I watched the extremely witty trailer and found out that it was all about “Perfect Nonsense” I was sold.

Starring Matthew Macfadyen and Stephen Mangan with Mark Hadfield, these folks really do make the perfect comedy act! The play follows the men as they try (emphasis on try) to re-enact a story through multi-roling, simple costuming and clever staging. The storyline isn’t exactly sensible but that’s what makes the performance so special. It alienates the idea of theatre, transforming the performance into daft hilarity.

My biggest LOL has to be when Stephen Mangan was travelling from one place to the next by walking on the spot in slow motion with ridiculous movement both in his face and his body movements. I cracked up and literally couldn’t stop chuckling from then onward (this was about 10 minutes in!)

If you’re having a bad day like I was before I received these tickets, brighten it up now with this truly British comedy – I promise you won’t be frowning for long!


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