Smiles for November

It’s the end of November and time to reflect. I don’t like to dwell, so I will always look back on November 2013 fondly despite anything negative that may have happened. I hope these little things that have made me smile, do the same for you whilst reading this. Happy December, enjoy it, it only comes but once a year.

1. Starting My Dream Job!

Writing about the things going on around me, and enjoying the perks at the same time! It’s my dream job and I am thankful for the opportunity from London on the Inside.

2. This sparkling friendship


3. This image taken from space – New Years Eve 2013 – reminding me that community is everything


4. Word of the Month: Meraki. This word has popped into my head many an occasion.




5. How the world would look without light pollution – it’s beautiful





6. Expect nothing. It avoids disappointment and if it happens, you appreciate it. That way, you’re always smiling!


7. This video teaching me to do something AMAZING everyday:

8. Laughing out loud like a maniac


7. This puppy (almost as cute as mine)


8. Watching the Hunger Games, with minimal tear shedding

image (17)

9. Watching my Moustache grow and raising over £300!


10. This advent surprise from my manager



11. The Fault in our Stars – a book about Grief, Love and Cancer. Just a reminder that no matter how shit you have it, somebody always has it worse.


12. My first Bubble Tea!




14. Knowing that I will always be smaller than this toy bear (and being in Harrods toy department! 


13. And this beautiful cover of a stunning song!



Goodbye November. I had fun, but really, it’s Christmas next month. Try again next year!




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