Happy to be Home

Home is where the heart is. That’s what they say anyway.

For the majority, this statement is applicable… Those people are the lucky ones, I am a lucky one.

I might get bored quickly, the family might begin to annoy me and I might want to kill my useless brother at times. But I’m one of the lucky ones; there’s a place I can call home, a safe haven for the times when I need protecting and unlimited supplies of comforting food!

Weeks of routine can force us to take home for granted, though time spent away leads us to appreciate the simple things; a hot shower, a hug from mummy or daddy, the smelly yet adorable dog, even your single bed.

Christmas is a time when these simple things develop into pleasures. Everyone is smiling as gifts are shared and Mariah plays in the background. Home at Christmas is the best time. This is my Christmas time:

My arrival home – I got to put the angel on the tree!


First snuggles with Binks in over three months!


Annual opening of Papa’s money box – £1600 this year!


The soon-to-be-annual Girls Dinner Party! Too much food, too much booze. 


About the tenth shopping trip before the big day! Mama forgot how to park…


The fist family gathering – Grandma got a little worse for wear! 


An evening of beer pong, slap cup, Articulate and lots of Pringles! 


Soooooo muchhhhhh wrapppppping! However, the investment of a tape dispenser changed my life!


Christmas morning, hello Santa!


My beautiful gift – thank you mama and papa!


Pre-Christmas Dinner Snacks, Jerk Chicken Wraps – provided by Grandma


Family Cracker Times!


Sticky Toffee Pudding, made by yours truly – BOOM. Who needs Christmas Pudding?!


Enjoying the greens and browns, not a building in sight! #countrygirlatheart


Sale shopping – a Miss Selfridge STEAL!



That’s my Christmas and I loved every second of it. Now to power through to the New Year and smash 2014 ten times harder.



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