Week 2: Staying Dry (some handy advice)

dry january


It’s difficult to believe we’re nearly two weeks into 2014 – and I’m still writing 2013! As you may have read in my New Years Resolution Post, I am giving something up each month of the year, starting with the ever so lethal – Alcohol.

So far, I haven’t struggled. There have only been a handful of occasions where alcohol has been present:

1. A lovely Sunday meal with my landlord and family

Red wine and Port were the only options. I wouldn’t say they are my most favoured of drinks and therefore, didn’t interest me! We were also playing Cranium and I needed my wits about me to make sure I won!!!

2. The free bar at work (every Friday)

So I faced the free bar for the first time yesterday. Being an unpaid intern, I usually take advantage of the freebies where I can. However, this time around I opted for a Diet Coke and a packet of Doritos before making a swift exit!

It hasn’t been particularly difficult, yet. Emphasis on, yet! Over the past week, I have been offered a new job and will be leaving London in the next few days – crazy! Saying Adios to all of my amigos stone cold sober isn’t exactly how I envisaged my dramatic exit from the city, but I will try my hardest to keep the umbrella up and stay dry!

For those of you doing the same, here are a few of my top tips for keeping off the booze:

– If you’re a G+T lover like myself, drink the tonic water! That way you will feel like you’re having an alcoholic beverage.

– Remember, you do not need alcohol to have a good time! Think of all the laughs you’ll get watching you’re best friend drunkenly twerk!

– Keep reminding yourself THERE WILL BE NO HANGOVER TOMORROW.

– To stay awake throughout the night, drink some Redbull!

– Dance your pants off – think of the calories you will burn

– Pretend to be drunk, by 2am, nobody will know the difference!

– Finally, peer pressure is for school days. Stay strong.


I wish you all the best of luck! – Let me know how you get on!



One thought on “Week 2: Staying Dry (some handy advice)

  1. I’m also doing the monthly sacrifice, I thought giving up booze would be easy as I don’t tend to go out I’m not really wild yet this month it’s the most difficult! I’ve had leaving do’s an birthdays! It’s been very tempting I’m glad I’ve managed to resist though! Xx ooh chocolate next month will be difficult eeep

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