Kirazu – London’s Hidden Gem and Bubbleology

I have eaten out soooooo much the past few weeks. I’m not complaining, but most of it has been ridiculously carby and mostly fried!

So, when a very good friend of mine suggested we hit up a Sushi place in London I was more than happy to oblige. Sushi is healthy, filling and something a little unique. It was down to me to choose the place and so after a few minutes trawling the internet, I came across a “hidden gem” called Kirazu.

I hate restaurants and so Yo Sushi! definitely wasn’t on the cards. We headed to this so-called hidden gem in Soho and actually, couldn’t find it. This wasn’t because it was deliberately hidden, but it has no sign above the door, which is what you would immediately look for. Instead, there was a board out the front advertising “Japanese Tapas” – very enticing!

Inside, there are very limited seats. This definitely isn’t a bad thing, but I would recommend a reservation! The venue is very rustic and smells insane; so cosy and inviting!

The restaurant works a bit like Argos. You are given a paper menu and tiny pencil, then tick off the dishes you wish to be brought over to you. Quite a quirky way of doing it to be honest! I left the decisions down to my friend – a so called Sushi connoisseur!

Within about five minutes, our first dish had arrived – Razor Clam. It was such a pretty dish and the flavours did not disappoint!

razor clam

Next we went for some Takoyaki (Baked Octopus Ball) – it came with some soft seaweed on top that drifted in the air-con breeze; it really did look and taste magical!


Now, for my absolute favourite – Chicken Karaage with Seasame and Sweet Chilli. This is THE BOMB. If you go here, have this. I could have eaten it all night.


Finally, we thought we would be adventurous with Japanese Hot Broth. It wasn’t bad, but sometimes adventure isn’t always the tastiest of quests! It’s fishy and very vegetarian. Not a bad portion size though!


This is definitely one of my favourite London restaurants, so much so that I have walked through my door and immediately blogged it!

Just a note: Don’t be scared, it really isn’t expensive like most Sushi bars! For two, we spent £30 including beverages!

Also, if you wish to continue with the Asian adventure, next door is Bubbleology! It’s a home to bubble teas both milky and fruity. I went for the pomegranate, but must admit that the Banoffee Pie is something just that little bit special!

Tanoshimu, everyone!


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