Pips Dish – feels like home!

Nestled in the heart of Covent Garden there is a truly British gem awaiting your discovery.

Pips Dish is a quaint little restaurant serving up the best of local ingredients. In fact, the dishes are so fresh that you won’t know what you’re having until you arrive!

The venue has such a homely feel; it’s small with a rustic, country style kitchen at the back. Even the food provokes nostalgia!

Upon my visit, I was presented with:


Pollock Cerviche with pomegranate and orange segments to start. This dish was so refreshing on the palette – a great way to start out a big meal!


Chicken and mushroom sausages with creamy mash, pickled balsamic red onions and a hearty gravy came next! The sausages were a first for me and definitely not a last, they were slightly sweet in taste and really reminded me of home!


To finish, the Eton Mess! Frozen berries from the summer gone by, meringue pieces, double cream and a sprinkling of white chocolate truffles! Potentially the best I’ve ever had!

The staff were so warm and friendly that I really did feel like I was home!

Priced at, Two courses for £12.50 during lunch and Three courses for £30 at dinner, you really cannot complain!

If you love local, this is your perfect dining experience!


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