Not So Lonely Valentines Day

The origin behind Valentines Day remains a mystery to us all. One thing that is for certain; we take it all a little too seriously, especially if we’re young and single.

When you think of a singleton on Valentines Day, your mind probably conjures up images of Bridget Jones, sitting alone singing All By Myself! Alternatively, you might be the strong independent type of person that believes Valentines Day is a waste of space and any remote sign of affection during the day, makes you want to heave.

Either way, whether we like it or not, Valentines Day has a direct effect on us and how we behave during one day out of the year. You can either go with it, or resent it. If you’re in a relationship, chances are you’ll go with it. If you’re single, chances are you’ll resent it.

I will be single this time around (no violins please) and I intend to go with it.

Don’t get me wrong, when I have been in relationships during Valentines Day, it’s been lovely. Copious amounts of chocolate (which I can’t eat, remember?) and long, devoted letters speaking that delightful four letter word that makes you feel all fuzzy inside! Butttttt, who is to say that love is just for your boyfriend or girlfriend? I’m pretty sure I love my friends, my parents, my doggy. So I figured, whilst the shacked up folk spend the day showing the world how in love they are, I’d do the same with the people I love!

I’m not doing this because Aw, she’s single bless her, she just wants some attention No. I’m doing this because after years of being single during Valentines Day, I’m sick of not being “allowed” to get involved just because I’m not lucky enough to have a boyfriend – It’s not my fault I’m picky! The holiday should be a time for everybody, not just the select fortunate ones.

Therefore, on Valentines Day, I will be sending my nearest, dearest and loveliest, this Valentines E-Card I made, along with a personalised Rose are Red poem, confessing my reasons for loving them ever so dearly!




I hope my fellow singletons out there will follow a similar suit and enjoy the day for what it is – an opportunity for showing that little extra affection! Go on, you know you’d love to!


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