A little bit of history…

People are always asking me where I’m from – Spanish? Italian? Nope. A bit of everything to be honest. The origins of my ancestors is very unclear so after siting down with Grandma today, I thought I’d do a little post about my heritage. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am incredibly proud of my heritage, so here it is:

The Exotic Side:

Great-Great Grandmother (German descendant)

Great Grandmother, Dear Ma (Chinese descendant)


Dear Ma only knew me for a few days before she passed away. From what I hear she was a great character! She was one of 12 children from the Chin family. They were all born and lived in Jamaica. Here she met Dear Pa who was of Japanese/Chinese descendants

Grandmother and Grandfather (Jamaicans)


You only have to spend five minutes talking to my Grandma to know that she isn’t English. She might be white, but that’s the German and Portuguese of her ancestors coming through. She doesn’t have dreadlocks and has never smoked ganja. Though at 73, she keeps saying that she wants to before she dies. We’ll see about that.


Grandad sadly passed away 5 years ago/ He was one of the most amazing people I ever knew. He used to pick me up from school everyday then return to sit in his chair, drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes. The two of them practically brought up my brother and I. Most of our family values come from them. If we did anything naughty, Grandad would pick up his slipper and threaten to beat us with it. Not typically what’s deemed acceptable in this country, but it’s what they did and it worked!! We’ve both turned out alright from it!

The White Side:

My father’s side of the family is pretty much English through and through. But that doesn’t mean I am any less proud of it – I was born here after all! In fact, my Grandmother was a model in her day and actually dated the Prime Minister’s Son once upon a time! The McLintock’s themselves used to be accountants to the queen. What is now KPMG started like this:


Thomson McLintock opens office in Glasgow


Marwick Mitchell & Co established in New York


Peat and Marwick Mitchell & Co join to create a transatlantic firm


Thomson McLintock forms KMG, a grouping of independent national practices to create a strong European-based international firm


The two firms merge worldwide to create one firm, KPMG; in April in the UK, Peat Marwick McLintock is born


January, name amended to highlight the international strength of the firm: KPMG Peat Marwick McLintock

As a result, my Grandfather was an official Lord. You can also find my family history in the Who’s Who book – apparently we were a big deal!

This whole post got me feeling a little nostalgic, so here a few photos to show off the wonderful people that are, my famalan!


Mama Bear and I (no idea why I’m dressed a pirate!)



Cousins and Aunt Sylvia! 



My brother, cousin and me (We were gangsters as you can see)



Howard and Douglas, crazy uncles!



Binks in his golden days!



The annual sand sculpture – naked lady (including body hair)



Grandma and Grandad showing some loving!



Me and Papa

Holiday2006 047


Not so structured sand sculpture this time!

Holiday2006 165


The annual trip to Spain, ice cream included. 


A casual after school chinese (no wonder I was a chubster!)




Getting old, still love each other all the same!



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