Cold sweats have started…




It’s Monday 17th February 2014. I am still, astonishingly, cocoa bean free. I have survived various chocolate cakes (including red velvet), a single Valentines Day and plenty of unsupportive friends telling me you’re inflicting this on yourself – just eat the chocolate! 

I can’t decide if this is harder than giving up alcohol or not. I definitely crave chocolate, which I don’t alcohol. Roughly around 4 o’clock, you’ll hear whines from the corner of the office, not dissimilar to that of a strangled cat; I reallllllly want chocolate, I might go to Greggs. No I can’t, willpower. But I realllllly want chocolate. 

Only two weeks to go and I can stop dreaming and indulge. I never realised I loved the cocoa bean so much. When I’m down, I crave it. When I’m tired, I crave it. When I’ve had a savoury snack, I crave it. I just crave it all the god damn time!

Come 1st March, you’ll probably find me huddled in a corner gorging on a giant chocolate cake with the look of Bruce Bogtrotter in my face.

(Movie) Matilda (1996) (©™) .avi_snapshot_00.41.08_[2012.11.19_18.56.14]


I can’t wait.

I’m thinking a salted caramel and pecan chocolate tart?!!! Recipe to come – watch this space!



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