The Monthly Sacrifice: March


Hurrah. The month of no chocolate has finally come to an end. I must admit, though at times I had a craving, the feat itself wasn’t too much of a struggle. HOWEVER – CONFESSION. After a 6am rise and a 3 hours car journey to a shoot with work, I settled down to a nice hot chocolate – oblivious to the fact I’d given it up. It wasn’t until about ten minutes after I realised what I had done and scourned myself for doing so.

Some say hot chocolate isn’t classed as chocolate itself, but nonetheless, I am disappointed in myself.

This month’s sacrifice see’s the abolition of the sweetie. This includes, mints, marshmallows and chewing gum. I think this will be more of a challenge than chocolate. Sweeties don’t tend to make me feel sick so I can eat LOADS. Chocolate, on the other hand, has its limitations.

Yesterday I gorged on three packets of Rowntrees Fruit Randoms in the hope that the satisfaction could last me a month. We shall see…


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