Lemons in the morning: Benefits!


I had heard that lemons in hot water first thing in the morning is the “thing” to do these days. For the past three weeks I’ve been drinking a glass each morning, religiously, to see if it has any benefits!

These are the so-called benefits along with my personal analysis:

– Gives your immune system a boost

Well I haven’t been ill in the past few weeks? Good stuff!

– Excellent source of potassium

– Aids digestion

I’m not sure I agree with this. I suffer from quite bad bloating anyway and it’s a known fact that acid can increase bloating. However, that’s a personal issue and I definitely have less of an issue than if I were to have a cup of tea!

– Cleanses your system

– Freshens your breath

I’ve never really had any complaints of bad breath, so I assume that’s a good sign?

– Keeps skin clear

I can 100% vouch for this. After just three weeks of drinking this, my skin is one hundred times better than it has been in years!

– Helps you lose weight

Just drinking hot water with lemon will never make someone lose weight. Anybody that thinks that is in denial. Perhaps with exercise and eating well, you would see an increase in weight loss. However, I am yet to weight myself to make any judgement!

– Reduces inflammation

– Gives you an energy boost

Again, I can definitely vouch for this! I wake up absolutely shattered and normally this would continue on through to the afternoon. But after a hot cuppa, I feel wide awake!

– Helps cut out caffeine

– Helps fight viral infections


I’m really enjoying drinking lemon tea and I will reassess in a couple of months to see if there are anymore benefits I can confirm!


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