Salaam Namaste, Kings Cross

Indian food is a funny one for me. It’s never been my number one choice of takeaway; it always arrives with that hideous layer of grease on top and the meat is regularly of poor quality. However, Indian food in a restaurant is like a whole new species. A good quality Indian is packed full of flavour so much so that you can pick out each individual spice. The meat falls from the bone and the naan is freshly baked to perfection!


Recently I visited Salaam Namaste in Kings Cross. It was a prime example of authentic Indian cuisine with a variety of dishes to suit every palette.

We had a goat curry which was similar to a Caribbean mutton curry however with a richer, deeper flavour. Then a Chicken Travancore which was sweet and creamy – just what I was craving!



To go with it we had some Indian Wine. Interesting… It was lovely and accompanied the curry well!


The service was so good, they gave me additional chocolates when I asked at the end of the meal – naughty!

If you’re in the area and fancy an Indian that little bit special, this really is the place!


One thought on “Salaam Namaste, Kings Cross

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