My Easter Break!

I rarely go home and when I do it’s normally for no longer than a couple of days. So when Easter came around and I had the opportunity to be back in sunny Macclesfield for 4 whole days, I was ecstatic! Not to mention, the sun was shining for most of it!

Here are my highlights:


I started the weekend with a long long long overdue haircut! Split ends were at their ultimate peak as it had been about 6 months since I’d had a trimming. It felt like I had a whole new head of hair by the end of it and now, I don’t even have to try and tame it in the mornings – fab!


Then I went on a little picnic and stumbled across this cutie. I’m slightly scared of any animal bigger than me, but I plucked up the courage and fed him some grass. He was very appreciative!


After a lovely picnic and saunter through the beautiful hillsides the day took a frightful turn when this heard of scary cows – which I thought were werewolves are first – blocked our path and wouldn’t let us pass!! So, we had to trek up the hill and scale around them. Here, I decided I wasn’t a massive fan of cows…


On Saturday my friends and I decided to put a twist on your average girlie catch up and headed to Glebe Farm in Aldershot for a day with the animals!! We had breakfast, tea and went on a little walk around to take as many selfies with animals as we could! It’s actually really difficult to accomplish!


There were a few little shops and I stumbled across a Wheatie! It’s a bag of wheat you can stick in the microwave to heat up. Literally the best £3.50 I’ve ever spent! My bed is now never cold.


For my birthday present (earliest gift giving ever!) my Grandma got me a NutriBullet. I hadn’t heard of it beforehand but it’s AMAZING. I went to the supermarket and bought a tonne of fruits and veg to start my juice journey which I will blog about soon!



In the evening I fancied a couple of beverages as it was Easter weekend so I suggested a round of Articulate (the best game ever, if you haven’t played it – do) at my friends house! It was lovely – slightly competitive, as you can see – but lovely.


On Easter Sunday we usually do a paperchase, but apparently I’m too old for all of that now! Instead we had – what my mum labels – The Best Sandwich in the World (it’s salmon, cream cheese, bacon, capers, mango chutney and red onion). It was actually incredible. I suggest you try it! My dad and I then went on a 10k run up a mountain to burn off all of the chocolate! It was a killer and my calves are now thanking me for it! Then Grandma came round for dinner with my uncle and we ate too much. Perfecto!


Easter Monday the sun was shining so it was only fitting that we went on a family walk, just the four of us. Little did I know, it was muddy and my trainers got wrecked! But, I had a beautifully presented lunch of Salmon and Pancetta Salad.



All in all my weekend was perfect, too short, but perfect. How was yours?


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