Croatian Adventure – Day Three

Day Three – Lopud

We awoke at 8am with a terrible hangover. But alas, we were on the move again. A quick bus and then an hour long ferry to get us to our next location: Lopud. It’s a beautiful island with only a couple of golf caddies, no cars, hardly any wifi and a teeny mini market! For a bunch of “younguns” you might think this is their worst nightmare, but we loved it. Peace and quiet is exactly what we were after.

We checked into our room for the night – we were staying with a German family who lived on the island. They couldn’t speak a word of English which, at first, was rather daunting but we got there in the end and they turned out to be such a lovely bunch!


Once settled, we decided lunch was on the cards! There were only a small handful of restaurants on offer, but they were all on the seafront and created the perfect backdrop for chowing down! I went for the risotto. It was incredible, I loved every mouthful and it even came in a little shell (which the owner gave me to keep, which I then used to look like I found it in the ocean, so that when I finally gave it to my boyfriend, he would think I was Bear Grylls and love it – despite the fact it was free).


I thought it looked convincing. But alas, he worked it out.

Once settled, we decided a relaxing day at the beach was what we needed. Little did we know the “short walk” to the beach, was actually a hike through the forest! No injuries though and it was well worth it for the sights.

After about twenty minutes setting up camp, a man jumped off his ship and approached us. He was on a stag do and asked we would like to join them on their boat for drinks and food. After much persuasion, we figured, why not?! They were nice guys, not leery, just chatty. We didn’t stay long and headed back to the beach. They ten proceeded to come over to the beach, buy a round of beers and challenge us to a game of volley ball! 70s kids vs 80s kids. Awkward – we were all 90s kids…

It was a nice change to our day and I discovered that I’m actually not bad at volleyball! We were shattered and so headed to the local pizzeria for some food before retiring to bed at just 9pm!


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