My name is Tasha Denna Andre McLintock (@tashmclintock). I am a Theatre student from Leeds University. I am currently living in London as part of a Year in Industry. I am working for LivingSocialUK in the Social Media Department (all opinions are my own!!) I also do some freelance writing so if you need me to babble on your behalf, do let me know! Thus far, all is still new and exciting. Let’s hope it stays that way!

I am obsessed with the following:

– Food, cooking, eating, thinking about it, smelling it etc.

– Reading, the majority of things

– Theatre, all types, I do do a degree in it after all!

– Super fun!!!!!!!… activities. I hate being bored.

So, I have never blogged in my entire life. This is a first. However, moving down to London and taking on the big, bad world of social media, I decided it was an essential in getting by – whilst working as a resourceful reflection tool.

So here I am. Blogging for the entire world to hear… or see?

I also LOVE to cook. I am a recipe hoarder. I intend to change this. And you my reader friends, shall witness this! If it tastes like shit. I’ll tell you. If it’s the best thing in the world and you must most definitely cook it immediately for your entire friends and family – I WILL tell you. Likewise with restaurants and cafe’s in my local area, got to keep my readers well informed!

Finally, the last purpose of my blog…to tell you what I am doing and whether you too, should be doing it.

Feel free you look at the posts that interest you, or the posts that don’t.

Let me know if you love me, or hate me. (I think I’m much wittier than I actually am, so I won’t be offended either way)

Happy reading one and all!

Tashie xxx


3 thoughts on “Tashie

  1. Thanks for nominating me for the Liebster Award Tasha, its so good to know you liked reading my posts! Good Luck with your Theatre studies and hope to see you on the big screen someday! Cheersx

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