Croatian Adventure – Day Five

The next day was super active.

We started with an incredibly hearty breakfast in our reps front garden. She wanted to show us how the croatians do it. This included bread, nutella, yoghurts, cereals, toasted sandwiches, biscuits, tea, coffee, juices, bacon, eggs – too much food!!!!! But it was great to live a little authentically!

The rest of the day was jam packed!

We cycled to the edge of the world.

We went sea kayaking – didn’t pee on myself this time!

And we went bodyboarding. It’s not as easy as it looks!!!

Finally, we had a lovely meal out at the top of the hill! A quiet night before our last blow out tomorrow!


Croatian Adventure – Day Four

Again we awoke to the beauty of Croatia, bright and early, the birds tweeting and the sea calm as can be!

We had to catch the ferry at 12:30 so we decided to get  a leisurely breakfast (ice cream – the best ice cream ever) and relax whilst we waited. The ferry took us to the island of Kolocep – a smaller island with less cars and less tourists than Lopud. It was quaint, but I’m not sure we could have stayed there long!

The day started off leisurely, we sea kayaked to the edges of the island, we swam – it was lovely! Then there was the perfect opportunity for a stunning photo! As part of this process, I decided to take off my wetshoes. What followed was dramatic:

I threw my shoes to Carly, missed and they landed in the water. ‘No worries’ I thought and posed for the picture!

I then lowered myself into the water to retrieve them.

I got them!

Then my sunglasses fell off my head and I lent back to catch them, kicking the wall and feeling a really deep cut through my foot. I returned to the rocks convinced I’d cut myself on a sharp one. Turns out, I stood on a sea urchin. Not pretty ladies and gents! We asked the locals what to do… they said pee on it. So we kayaked off to a deserted area and I peed in a bottle, then poured it on my foot. I can vouch, it doesn’t work. I still have sea urchin spines in my foot to this day! I’m also not sure the photos were even worth it…

My first word of warning for Croatia: always wear wetshoes!

After a quiet cocktail we made it back to Lopud at roughly 6pm. A quick shower, change and hack at my foot and we were on the vino again! (it helped with the pain) As we drank we watched the sunset from our balcony. It’s enough to take your breath away!

We went to our favourite restaurant on the island. The waiter was called Sacha and greeted us with a cherry liquor on the house!

After a boozey meal, he then surprised us with free chocolate cake, declaring that we must thank the chefs personally. So we did…



Croatian Adventure – Day Three

Day Three – Lopud

We awoke at 8am with a terrible hangover. But alas, we were on the move again. A quick bus and then an hour long ferry to get us to our next location: Lopud. It’s a beautiful island with only a couple of golf caddies, no cars, hardly any wifi and a teeny mini market! For a bunch of “younguns” you might think this is their worst nightmare, but we loved it. Peace and quiet is exactly what we were after.

We checked into our room for the night – we were staying with a German family who lived on the island. They couldn’t speak a word of English which, at first, was rather daunting but we got there in the end and they turned out to be such a lovely bunch!


Once settled, we decided lunch was on the cards! There were only a small handful of restaurants on offer, but they were all on the seafront and created the perfect backdrop for chowing down! I went for the risotto. It was incredible, I loved every mouthful and it even came in a little shell (which the owner gave me to keep, which I then used to look like I found it in the ocean, so that when I finally gave it to my boyfriend, he would think I was Bear Grylls and love it – despite the fact it was free).


I thought it looked convincing. But alas, he worked it out.

Once settled, we decided a relaxing day at the beach was what we needed. Little did we know the “short walk” to the beach, was actually a hike through the forest! No injuries though and it was well worth it for the sights.

After about twenty minutes setting up camp, a man jumped off his ship and approached us. He was on a stag do and asked we would like to join them on their boat for drinks and food. After much persuasion, we figured, why not?! They were nice guys, not leery, just chatty. We didn’t stay long and headed back to the beach. They ten proceeded to come over to the beach, buy a round of beers and challenge us to a game of volley ball! 70s kids vs 80s kids. Awkward – we were all 90s kids…

It was a nice change to our day and I discovered that I’m actually not bad at volleyball! We were shattered and so headed to the local pizzeria for some food before retiring to bed at just 9pm!

Croatian Adventure – Day Two

Day Two – The Old City


The old city is the most renowned part of Dubrovnik, with charming streets and plenty of timeless architecture, it literally felt as though I’d teleported to an old Italian town! Birds flew overhead as we explored the various nooks and crannies the city had to offer!

We eventually stumbled upon the harbour, a perfect place to see the clear Adriatic waters in their glory! We weren’t dressed for it, but I absolutely had to get in! There was one old man swishing through the water and so I figured it was acceptable.10411434_10204068902825890_7109784514617640044_n

Knickers off (under my dress) and bikini on, I was in the water in seconds! There is nothing quite so refreshing as a spontaneous dunk!


Just across from us was a small island called Lokrum. We had read good things about it and for just £7 we could get the twelve minute ferry across to it.


So, after checking in to our old city apartment (equally as charming) we head for the island in the hope of finding the pool they nickname, the Dead Sea!

After roughly twenty minutes of trekking through the forests and stumbling across the nudist beach, we finally found it. We were not disappointed.


The water was a beautiful green, it was like something out of a holiday magazine! There was even a rope swing for those tall enough to reach and brave enough to fling themselves into the water. It felt like we were in paradise.


The island itself was full of lots of little treasures. On our adventure it felt like we had visited Thailand, Africa and the Amazon! You can see from the pictures just what I mean! After a shattering day of walking, swimming and climbing, we figured it was only fitting to reward ourselves with a half litre each of wine! (£1.30 for a litre). We then found ourselves in a very swanky restaurant – the name of which I do not recall due to mass consumption vino – where I had the most amazing tuna steak with pesto pasta.


Next it was time for a boogie so we went to the local Irish bar (as recommended by an Irish himself!) for a few drinks. This then led to a session in Sky Bar (rather quiet, though it was out of season) and finally, we had the idea to return to the beloved harbour and go for a midnight swim! It was glorious. The water soon sobered us up, we swam and stared at the stars in awe and wonder! It really was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Croatian Adventure – Day One

When a friend of mine first told me about Croatia, I furrowed my brow in utter confusion. To me, when I thought of Croatia, I thought of a very unimpressive European country with very little to offer me. Then she showed me the google images and I instantly knew I had to visit!

Three years later and my best friend drops me a text with dates, times and prices. I am sold. Six days island hopping around this beautiful country is just what I needed!

Day One – Arrival in Dubrovnik


We arrived into Dunrovnik at around 7pm and had no idea how to get from the airport to our apartment. Luckily for us, we were a group of girls and Croatian people are super friendly! The shuttle bus driver arranged for us to be dropped off on our street at no extra cost! What a great start to the holiday. We then arrived at our lovely apartment to find Felix, the incredibly friendly landlord, beer and water in the fridge and a terrace with beautiful sights of the sea! We decided on a couple of beers (£1.70 each) and an early night!

(to be continued…)


The Monthly Sacrifice – Crisps!

crisps monthly sacrifice

Last month saw the sacrifice of cake – which surprisingly, wasn’t too difficult! I made it with a few close calls (French Fancies were reduced to 40p!!!!!) but managed to make it to May cake-free! Don’t worry – I made up for it with a beautiful espresso cake on 1st May!

So I’m 11 days into this months sacrifice – crisps!

It shouldn’t be too difficult. So far, I’ve managed to avoid salty snacks however, have been eating quite a bit of popcorn – perhaps I’m subliminally craving?! I have been offered crisps quite a bit, thought am yet to cave! We’ll see how I get on…

#2Holiday Preppin – Wardrobe Woes



holiday prep

So this week we have the holiday wardrobe!

I go to Croatia in less than two weeks and I’ve done SO much holiday shopping, so it was only natural I share my purchases with you all! (I’m not a fashion blogger so the pictures aren’t as extravagant as I might have liked them, but you get the jist!)

The Harem







If you’ve never worn a pair of harems then you absolutely must try them out! They’re a little quirky and eccentric (which is totally allowed on holiday!) and they are literally the comfiest piece of attire ever manufactured! You can lunge, you can roll, you can do a little dance…and because of their material they’re very breathable for the hot climates! Not to mention these were a bargain!!

I bought a simple white crop to match which is another little handy piece for your travels!

Trouser, H&M – £9.99 | Top, H&M – £3.99

Peachy Perfect




As soon as there’s just a hint of spring in the air, it is completely acceptable to whip on your pastels. Pastels are great on almost everybody and give just enough colour to lift your spirits and feel all warm and summery inside! I got this chiffon top with a floral design from Ark – it was the first thing I saw when I walked in and one of the only items I actually bought from the gazillion I tried on! It’s really light and super easy for a night out on hols!

Top, Ark – £14.99 (plus got some student discount!)





Every year I buy a new pair of sunglasses. I’ve thought about splashing out and getting a pair of prescription sunnies, but I break them each year without fail! Alas, H&M provide me with my annual pair at a fairly disposable price. That way, if they don’t break, it’s a bonus for the following year and I can then mix and match! This year I went (as usual) for the bug eye glasses with just a hint of leopardyness on the frame. They’ll do the job nicely I think!

Sunglasses, H&M – £5.99




Playsuits are seriously the easiest thing to take on holiday. It’s an outfit in one so that’s less space in the case and no hassle trying to find bits to match, just fling it on and party like a rockstar! This pattern is very bold and definitely only suitable for warmer climates, but the shape of the playsuit makes it look like a bandeau and skirt so flatters my HUGE booty and makes my waist looks smaller than it is (praise the lord!)

Playsuit, ASOS – £18

Bikini with a side of Denim



I’m not going to lie, it took me forever to track down a decent bikini! It’s a personal thing and different people have different preferences, but like anything, when you try it on, you’ll know. That’s how I found this gem. You can’t see it in the picture, but it’s a floral and crocheted. I’m normally dubious about white swimwear because it tends to go see-through, but this is nice and thick so shouldn’t be a problem at all! (hopefully)

I’m going to a festival this year so I had to get my hands on a decent pair of denim shorts. I love these ones from H&M because they fit like a glove with just enough room to drink my Kopparbergs! That and my ass cheeks don’t hang out – that’s not a good look ladies…

Bikini, Dorothy Perkins – £24.99 | Shorts, H&M – £14.99

Whiteness and Tightness 




I fell in love with these shorts when I tried them on. They’re tailored so fit really well and smarten up most outfits in a split second! Paired with a crop top they make for a fresh evening outfit! Like with all white garments, you gotta be careful with the panties (wear white or none at all!) and don’t sit on a chocolate bar! I’ll probably fail both of those rules.. But I’ll be on holiday so it’s fine!

Shorts, Ark – £17.99


I intend to buy more bits and pieces but I think I got a lot of the essentials down! (I’m only going for 6 days!!! – girls will be girls)


Being Nigella – Coffee and Walnut Splodges!

I wish I was as sexy as Nigella and could sit here and tell you all that I licked the spoon clean in a seductive manner. But no, I made these quickly on a Monday evening as a treat for the office friends, with flour on my face and greasy hair – so attractive. 

These are a coffee infused biscuits for the coffee haters. The flavour is extremely subtle and the walnut cuts through nicely. The biscuit itself is more of a cakey texture which feels light on the palette! If you’re totally against coffee you could definitely swap it for cocoa powder or even just add some vanilla extract! 


  • 250g plain flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 200g butter, softened
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 60g brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp instant espresso powder
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 200g walnuts, roughly chopped
– Preheat oven to 180°C.
– Cream butter and sugars. Add coffee and eggs.
– Gently fold in flour, baking powder and walnuts. Mix until just combined!
– Dollop tablespoons of the sticky mixture onto lined baking trays. Ideally, leave a considerable space between the splodges as they spread out quite a bit!
– Bake for 12 minutes until golden and firm to touch, then leave to cool!
These are super easy to cook and even easier to wolf down! – I hope you enjoy!

#1Holiday Preppin – Bikini Ready

holiday prep

Floating from shop to shop helplessly gazing at beautiful bikinis and wishing that they flattered you like they do the skinny mannequin. But let’s face it, we’re women! We’re women and we will never be happy stripping off and flaunting all. We need to get bikini ready! It’s not an easy task and it takes time and effort – both physically and emotionally.

Here are my tips for getting bikini ready:

– Crash dieting isn’t going to work. A few months before your holiday, start to get into the habit of healthy eating. This doesn’t mean cutting out the chocolates and biscuits – everything in moderation! It means, avoiding huge portions of food, drinking plenty of water and getting your vitamin intake. You’ll feel revitalised and refreshed in no time!

– Weights are your friend. I’ve said this before on the blog but I can’t stress it enough so I’m saying it again – weights are your friend!! You think you wobble when you walk? Weights will both burn calories and help tighten those loose bits!

– Find a bikini that flatters your shape. There are tonnes of styles out there and loads of them aim to flatter! You might not be able to head to Primark for the perfect look – you have to pay for flattery! High waisted bikinis are a great muffin-top shield. If your boobs are the issue, why not try a maximising top? Also – don’t be completely against the swimsuit, some can be terribly slimming!

– It’s a state of mind. You might be the skinniest person alive, but unless you feel confident in yourself, you won’t feel confident baring all! Spend time to prim and prep; A bikini wax, a mani and pedi, go and get that summer haircut and invest in some waterproof make-up. Focus on your positives and each day, remind yourself that that part of you is smokin’ hot! In time, you might – just might – forget about your flaws. After all, nobody is perfect!

– Finally, if all this sounds like a regurgitation of everything you’ve ever read in a girls mag then… Have a cry, feel fat and ugly, waste your time and energy on tears because you don’t fit into society’s imaginary “ideal”. Or… Put on your bikini and say “Fuck it, I’m a hot piece of ass and if they don’t think it, at least I do!” and in the words of Harry Winston – People will stare, make it worth their while…


Oaty Proteiny Cookys

I took a night off from the gym and decided to treat myself to some baking. I love baking – it allows me to relax and put my concentration into making something beautiful! I’m definitely not a pro baker – baking is far too meticulous for me, I like to throw things together and hope they work out! Hence the reason I used oats to make these bad boys.

Not only are oats better for you than flour, but they require very little attention!

These cookys are fairly guilt free (unless you eat them all in one go like me) and are packed with protein and vitamins from the fruits! I even added some dark chocolate for a little added danger! You don’t have to add the protein, that’s just for the gym freaks amongst us!

So, how did I make these ooey gooey oaty cookys? (I know I’m spelling it wrong, it’s meant to be cute and quirky)


2 Bananas

Splash of Unsweetened Almond Milk


1-2 Scoops Whey Protein Powder (I used vanilla – feel free to experiment)

Porridge Oats

4 Squares Green & Blacks 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate, chopped (you can use any chocolate, 85% cocoa can be very overpowering!)

6 Large Strawberries



– Pre-heat the oven to 200°C and line a baking tray with some greaseproof paper

– Blend the bananas up until they’re pretty free of lumps. Feel free to do this with a fork/masher if you don’t have a blender!

– Add a splash of almond milk to help loosen up

– Mix in the cinnamon and protein powder

– Add porridge oats until the wet mixture is completely soaked up – but still malleable

– Add the chocolate chips and half of the strawberries, finely chopped

– Form small balls, place on baking tray and press down gently.

– Using up the remaining strawberries, chop them in half and push into the top of each cookie

– Bake until the edges begin to brown (roughly 10 minutes) The bigger the balls, the longer it takes! – there’s definitely a joke in there somewhere.


This recipe is incredibly easy to adapt. Change the chocolate, add some fruit, fill with a spoonful of peanut butter or nutella, or both! The oats are your oyster!

I hope you all enjoy them!