100 Happy Days, Day 14 – Jacob Banks


Jacob Banks is my all time favourite artist. And this week I got to go and see him for the 3rd time!!! Sorry to sound like a crazed teenager, but he really is phenomenal. He’s also incredibly humble and that’s definitely reflected in his performance.

His music is soulful and his voice is like velvet. As a songwriter, you can tell that everything he writes comes from the heart. Every word is relatable, every melody a beautiful one.

I can’t gush enough about how great this guy is and how one day he will be a superstar. For now, he’s working his way up to the stars, performing with the likes of Wretch 32 and Chase and Status. He’s world class, the world just need the chance to hear him.

Below is my favourite track from him, but he’s got a great mixture of tracks so make sure you check him out!



100 Happy Days, Day 7 – Twinings Time


Today I thought I’d treat myself to some healthy herbal teas. Regular tea is great but it causes a few problems for me:

– The milk in tea never works well with my body and I tend to just feel sick after drinking it!

– I have to have sugar in my tea which isn’t very good for you at all!

– It can stain your teeth

– You may not realise it, but the caffeine becomes slowly addictive; habits are never good!

So when I saw that Twinings herbal teas were just £1 in my local shop, I kind of splurged! They’re usually pretty expensive so I tend to buy own brand teas.

They’re totally worth it though. The flavours are really strong! My favourite is camomile and honey – it’s really relaxing, just how tea should be!

Don’t get me wrong, I still need a real tea to help me start the day, but these fruity teas make for a lovely mid-day alternative! Smiles all round!

100 Happy Days – Day One

If you haven’t already heard, there are smiles spreading throughout the social world, tagged 100 Happy Days. Can you really be happy for 100 days in a row?


The general idea is to find appreciation in the everyday; the sparkly ground from last nights frost, a hearty home cooked meal or even a hello from your bus driver! Once you’ve found your days happiness, capture it and share your smiles with the world! Maybe your happy moment, will make someone else’s?

It’s a beautiful notion and I think I’m going to do it! I have, in the past, attempted the 365 photo challenge and failed. But by forcing myself to find the good in a day, I hope to find the good in an entire year – no matter what obstacles I might come across!

So here it is – Day One!



A bubble bath – a rarity for me. Nothing beats a bath so hot your skin tingles and candles so sweet they help every muscle in your body relax. Now all I want to do is sleep. And that, my friends, makes me very happy indeed!

Goodnight x