Travel Advice!


After a month of seeing a small proportion of the world I have learnt many things. I believe that in order to really thrive as a traveller you have to have all, if not some, of the following traits:

An open mind – what you see of the world through a television screen is nothing like the real deal. Go without any expectations, take in the new culture and try your best to integrate yourself into that culture. By integrating yourself, you will have a far more authentic and exciting experience.

Some common sense – just because the person at reception speaks a little English does not mean that everybody out there has taken the time to learn our language. Sign language is your friend, use your body language to communicate what it is you’re trying to say. Secondly, map reading is very very handy. Try to get good at that cause wifi costs a bomb once you leave home.

The ability to fashion repeat – you’re gone for three months and all you have is a backpack, your outfit options are limited. Take layers, mix and match and don’t forget your flip flops (hostel floors aren’t the cleanest)

A strong stomach – you might think that you’ve tackled a vindaloo and survived to tell the tale, but the change in environment, water and food can do an array of things to your body. Let’s not forget the condition of the toilet facilities – they’re rarely Western and they’re rarely clean, so again, be open minded on that one. Always carry baby wipes, hand sanitiser and toilet paper folks!

And finally….

Be spontaneous – nobody can plan months and months by the day (I tried, believe me). But eventually I learnt to go with the flow and say yes to (almost) EVERYTHING.