Twenty One Years On..


I made it!

Last week I had my fabulous 21st birthday and I must admit, at first, I didn’t believe the hype. I really wasn’t excited about my birthday (it fell on a Wednesday) and there really wasn’t anything I wanted as a gift! Therefore, all I was looking forward to was having a normal night out with my friends, having a few too many and boogie’in!

However, I was proven wrong!

On the day…

As the clock struck 00:00 my mum ran into the living room with balloons saying “21!” I then opened a few of my gifts:

A beautiful Links of London Citrine Ring | Sweeties!! | A Peyton and Byrne cookbook | Charms for my bracelet | Vouchers for H&M

It was a great start to the day!

Of course, I went to the gym. Then the fam and I went for a gorgeous meal at the local Chestergate Bistro (if you’re in Macclesfield – GO! It’s amazing food!) To polish off the night I went over to the boyf’s for my birthday surprises; he did very well indeed!

Freshly baked cupcakes (butterflies in tact) | Thomas Sabo birthstone charm | A kindle cover | JoJo Moyles book | Nike gym leggings | A beautiful bunch of flowers

Spoilt rotten, I rested in sweet anticipation for the celebrations to come.

FINALLY Friday came around and it was time to pardy pardy pardy. I met one of my closest friends, Amy, in Manchester for some lush pizza and cocktails. She and Heather surprised me with Afternoon Tea at Harrods (cannot wait to redeem that bad boy!).

I then ran home to get changed quickly before meeting the girls at my friends flat for some pre-drinks. The plan then was to meet the clan in Manchester for more beverages.

However, upon arrival at the flat I was completely and utterly shocked to find everybody was there with party poppers in hand to surprise me! It was fantastic! The girls had clubbed together and got me a stunning Links of London bracelet which I immediately put on the wrist! Lily and Thys had got me some baking goods so that I can bake even more delicious treats!

It was such a special night for me… All organised by my bestest friend ever, Katie!!! She did a fabulous job and everybody had an amazing time. She’s a keeper!

Then finally, a (hungover) family meal at home. Luther Vandross played, I ate even more cake and Grandma had a few too many…

I had such a good birthday and I just want to thank everybody who made it special for me – love you all! xxxxx


Croatian Adventure – Day Four

Again we awoke to the beauty of Croatia, bright and early, the birds tweeting and the sea calm as can be!

We had to catch the ferry at 12:30 so we decided to get  a leisurely breakfast (ice cream – the best ice cream ever) and relax whilst we waited. The ferry took us to the island of Kolocep – a smaller island with less cars and less tourists than Lopud. It was quaint, but I’m not sure we could have stayed there long!

The day started off leisurely, we sea kayaked to the edges of the island, we swam – it was lovely! Then there was the perfect opportunity for a stunning photo! As part of this process, I decided to take off my wetshoes. What followed was dramatic:

I threw my shoes to Carly, missed and they landed in the water. ‘No worries’ I thought and posed for the picture!

I then lowered myself into the water to retrieve them.

I got them!

Then my sunglasses fell off my head and I lent back to catch them, kicking the wall and feeling a really deep cut through my foot. I returned to the rocks convinced I’d cut myself on a sharp one. Turns out, I stood on a sea urchin. Not pretty ladies and gents! We asked the locals what to do… they said pee on it. So we kayaked off to a deserted area and I peed in a bottle, then poured it on my foot. I can vouch, it doesn’t work. I still have sea urchin spines in my foot to this day! I’m also not sure the photos were even worth it…

My first word of warning for Croatia: always wear wetshoes!

After a quiet cocktail we made it back to Lopud at roughly 6pm. A quick shower, change and hack at my foot and we were on the vino again! (it helped with the pain) As we drank we watched the sunset from our balcony. It’s enough to take your breath away!

We went to our favourite restaurant on the island. The waiter was called Sacha and greeted us with a cherry liquor on the house!

After a boozey meal, he then surprised us with free chocolate cake, declaring that we must thank the chefs personally. So we did…



Can’t have your cake…

cant have your cake



This month I give up cake. That beautiful, fluffy, sweet, sensational sponge; the creamy, seductive buttercream. I can’t have my cake or eat it this month! It will be missed. Luckily I have no big birthdays to attend so the cakes surrounding me should be few and far between. Most missed will be sticky toffee pudding, carrot cake, french fancies, lemon drizzle – GOSH, just all of them!!!!

Fingers crossed I’ll survive this month…