Croatian Adventure – Day Six

Our last day was a sad one, but we made sure to live it to the fullest!

We got up early and had some brunch. We then caught the ferry back to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik! Again, we decided on a city day so no bikini’s, plenty of shopping and some final sightseeing!

I got an ice-cream to cool off and ended up with this bad boy at no extra cost – the ice cream boy was showing off!

We stumbled across a cliff side bar – we were literally dangling off the edge of a cliff sipping Prosecco and watching crazy Australian kids jump off the huge rock!

Two glasses of Prosecco later, I had a YOLO moment and jumped off the huge cliff in just my underwear – it was worth it! Hands down the best thing I have ever done!

For our final night out we ate lots, drank lots and partied with our newly acquainted Aussie friends! Oh… And I wore Watermelons!


Croatia was the best place I have ever been. I’ve raved so much that I’ve convinced a few folk to book a holiday there. Do it! Do it before the tourism world takes over and ruins all its natural beauty!