Let it Rain, January is OVER!


January is over and the alcohol can officially flow free!

I can’t say that this has been a MASSIVE lifestyle change for me; I don’t tend to drink more than once a week anyway. I’ve seen some benefits – avoiding hangovers, no late night drunken binge eating and no drunk texting. However, in terms of my physical health, I haven’t seen any change! My skin is definitely quite bad at the minute, I haven’t lost any weight and I still feel as fatigued as I did in December!

I think what I have taken from this month is that I don’t need alcohol to have a good night. I’ve had some really memorable nights out this month! Though at times, I did miss the buzz that alcohol gives me. I’m not a drug taker, or a smoker and I’m happy to say that I have never tried either. In a way, alcohol is my little bit of recklessness. And I think I quite like being a tad reckless…

Now for The Monthly Sacrifice: February! Who’s joining me?


Week 3 – Staying Dry













Three weeks in and the storm has yet to run rampage! I have danced through the desert with The Spice Girls as my theme tune. No seriously – I went to a 90s nightclub the other night and stayed completely dry! The proof is in the drinking:


I actually found that I had a better night than usual! I wasn’t tired, I didn’t end the night throwing up or looking like a bedraggled cavewoman, Reeeeeeesult! However, I did find that I wasn’t my usual ghetto booty-shakin self, nor was I confident enough to walk up to the resident fitty and tell him I thought just that. But it was my last girls night in London and boys really weren’t on the agenda!

My schedule is hitting me with another test this weekend – my friend’s 21st birthday party, in a house, dressed as a mermaid. The tipple is a tempting blanket, though I am sure it won’t be necessary as the company will be fabulous!

One week to go, stay strong!