Croatian Adventure – Day Six

Our last day was a sad one, but we made sure to live it to the fullest!

We got up early and had some brunch. We then caught the ferry back to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik! Again, we decided on a city day so no bikini’s, plenty of shopping and some final sightseeing!

I got an ice-cream to cool off and ended up with this bad boy at no extra cost – the ice cream boy was showing off!

We stumbled across a cliff side bar – we were literally dangling off the edge of a cliff sipping Prosecco and watching crazy Australian kids jump off the huge rock!

Two glasses of Prosecco later, I had a YOLO moment and jumped off the huge cliff in just my underwear – it was worth it! Hands down the best thing I have ever done!

For our final night out we ate lots, drank lots and partied with our newly acquainted Aussie friends! Oh… And I wore Watermelons!


Croatia was the best place I have ever been. I’ve raved so much that I’ve convinced a few folk to book a holiday there. Do it! Do it before the tourism world takes over and ruins all its natural beauty!



Croatian Adventure – Day Two

Day Two – The Old City


The old city is the most renowned part of Dubrovnik, with charming streets and plenty of timeless architecture, it literally felt as though I’d teleported to an old Italian town! Birds flew overhead as we explored the various nooks and crannies the city had to offer!

We eventually stumbled upon the harbour, a perfect place to see the clear Adriatic waters in their glory! We weren’t dressed for it, but I absolutely had to get in! There was one old man swishing through the water and so I figured it was acceptable.10411434_10204068902825890_7109784514617640044_n

Knickers off (under my dress) and bikini on, I was in the water in seconds! There is nothing quite so refreshing as a spontaneous dunk!


Just across from us was a small island called Lokrum. We had read good things about it and for just £7 we could get the twelve minute ferry across to it.


So, after checking in to our old city apartment (equally as charming) we head for the island in the hope of finding the pool they nickname, the Dead Sea!

After roughly twenty minutes of trekking through the forests and stumbling across the nudist beach, we finally found it. We were not disappointed.


The water was a beautiful green, it was like something out of a holiday magazine! There was even a rope swing for those tall enough to reach and brave enough to fling themselves into the water. It felt like we were in paradise.


The island itself was full of lots of little treasures. On our adventure it felt like we had visited Thailand, Africa and the Amazon! You can see from the pictures just what I mean! After a shattering day of walking, swimming and climbing, we figured it was only fitting to reward ourselves with a half litre each of wine! (£1.30 for a litre). We then found ourselves in a very swanky restaurant – the name of which I do not recall due to mass consumption vino – where I had the most amazing tuna steak with pesto pasta.


Next it was time for a boogie so we went to the local Irish bar (as recommended by an Irish himself!) for a few drinks. This then led to a session in Sky Bar (rather quiet, though it was out of season) and finally, we had the idea to return to the beloved harbour and go for a midnight swim! It was glorious. The water soon sobered us up, we swam and stared at the stars in awe and wonder! It really was the perfect ending to a perfect day!