Witness the Fitness Tips

Let me guess, this year you want to be healthier, fitter and skinnier? So you’re planning to stop eating and run on a treadmill for hours on end. Then in about a month you’ll realise that spending £30 a month on a gym really wasn’t worth it cause all self-motivation is lost.

I’ve been there and I know plenty of people who have. So, I figured I’d compile a list of my favourite and most simple fitness tips. (I’m no personal trainer but I’ve picked up quite a lot of tricks over the years! So feel free to ignore me!)

1. Eat. Plenty and regularly. Starving yourself will make you lose weight in the short term, but come March you’ll be back to square one and all of those celery sticks will have been for nothing! Stick to high protein and low carbs, but NEVER cut carbs out completely – you’re exercising more so you need the energy.

2. Weights are your friend. Cardio is essential for losing weight, everybody knows that. But weights are a great way for toning and tightening your body – say goodbye to the wobble!

3. Avoid alcohol. Obviously, have a life and enjoy yourself, but keep it to a minimum!

4. Start off slow. Don’t commit to a 10K run without conquering 3K first. Work your way up to everything!

5. Set goals. This leads on from starting off slow – set a goal and work towards it. Once you reach it, the sense of achievement will bring a big old smile to your face!

6. Wear sensible shoes! This tip is especially for people wishing to take up running. Without a decent pair of trainers, you’re more likely to incur an injury – been there, it’s not fun! I usually spend around £70 on a pair, Nike are my favourite as their shoes are light as a feather (they look pretty nifty too!)

7. If you’re busy, be sure to allocate time! The majority of people give up because they don’t have time. This is rubbish. 200 jumping jacks take less time than an episode of New Girl – You could even watch it while jumping, simples!

8. Stretch! Not only does this avoid injury, it is SO relaxing at the end of a session. You should aim to hold the stretch for around 30 seconds to a minute.

9. Keep a log. Weight yourself once a week at the same time and make a note of it. This will keep you motivated as you see yourself getting closer and closer to your goals!

10. Try and get into a routine. Once you do, exercise and healthy eating will become second nature thus you’re much less likely to fall off the wagon!

11. Crash diets and diet pills are the devil.

12. Your only competition is yourself. Take your time. Results won’t happen over night, keep going and you’ll see the results eventually!

13. Always have a good playlist on your IPod, the beat will keep your pace and singing along usually passes a lot of time!

14. Finally. Remember that the majority of men love something to grab on to – and this was once the sexiest figure in the world – notice no “gap”


Work It, Work It People!