Juicin’ Life with the Nutribullet

Over the weekend my grandma greeted me with a very early birthday present – a Nutribullet! I hadn’t asked for it but I’d always wanted a blender/juicer. The Nutribullet does exactly that and I cannot get enough of it!!

Their motto is “add years to your life” – now, I’m not entirely sure that’s true but since I’ve started drinking juices, I’ve felt so much more energetic and I definitely feel slimmer and healthier in myself. I haven’t gone on a massive juice crash diet – I wouldn’t survive! – instead, I have a juice for breakfast with a slice of toast. then snack on juices during the day.

The Nutribullet isn’t like your average juicer; it doesn’t throw away the bits of fiber that are essential in the fruits and veggies, but “extracts” them. By that, I mean that it literally blends the fruits down to a juice form. You pop your fruits into the cup, flip it, press it and drink it. There are literally two parts that need a quick wash with some soapy water and you can start afresh!

It takes me about 5 minutes to make a juice in the morning and that normally gives me two portions! Because you aren’t “juicing” but “extracting” you don’t need to use masses of fruit to ensure a decent serving size. Here are some examples I’ve had this week:

The Corangery

2 carrots, 2 celery stalks, 1 orange, grated ginger, water – BLAST


1 kiwi, 1 apple, 1 celery stalk, water – BLAST

Breakfast Juice – kind of

Porridge oats, 1 banana, splash almond milk, chia seeds, water – BLAST

Mexicana Salsa

Chillies, grilled tomatoes/garlic/red onions, corriander leaves – BLAST

The Creamy Protein Shake

Protein powder, almond milk, water – BLAST


I’m planning to try making soup with it this week and continue enjoying my fresh juices – I feel a berry blast coming on! To be continued…