Twenty One Years On..


I made it!

Last week I had my fabulous 21st birthday and I must admit, at first, I didn’t believe the hype. I really wasn’t excited about my birthday (it fell on a Wednesday) and there really wasn’t anything I wanted as a gift! Therefore, all I was looking forward to was having a normal night out with my friends, having a few too many and boogie’in!

However, I was proven wrong!

On the day…

As the clock struck 00:00 my mum ran into the living room with balloons saying “21!” I then opened a few of my gifts:

A beautiful Links of London Citrine Ring | Sweeties!! | A Peyton and Byrne cookbook | Charms for my bracelet | Vouchers for H&M

It was a great start to the day!

Of course, I went to the gym. Then the fam and I went for a gorgeous meal at the local Chestergate Bistro (if you’re in Macclesfield – GO! It’s amazing food!) To polish off the night I went over to the boyf’s for my birthday surprises; he did very well indeed!

Freshly baked cupcakes (butterflies in tact) | Thomas Sabo birthstone charm | A kindle cover | JoJo Moyles book | Nike gym leggings | A beautiful bunch of flowers

Spoilt rotten, I rested in sweet anticipation for the celebrations to come.

FINALLY Friday came around and it was time to pardy pardy pardy. I met one of my closest friends, Amy, in Manchester for some lush pizza and cocktails. She and Heather surprised me with Afternoon Tea at Harrods (cannot wait to redeem that bad boy!).

I then ran home to get changed quickly before meeting the girls at my friends flat for some pre-drinks. The plan then was to meet the clan in Manchester for more beverages.

However, upon arrival at the flat I was completely and utterly shocked to find everybody was there with party poppers in hand to surprise me! It was fantastic! The girls had clubbed together and got me a stunning Links of London bracelet which I immediately put on the wrist! Lily and Thys had got me some baking goods so that I can bake even more delicious treats!

It was such a special night for me… All organised by my bestest friend ever, Katie!!! She did a fabulous job and everybody had an amazing time. She’s a keeper!

Then finally, a (hungover) family meal at home. Luther Vandross played, I ate even more cake and Grandma had a few too many…

I had such a good birthday and I just want to thank everybody who made it special for me – love you all! xxxxx


Five Year Memory Book – Get One



I received a lovely present this Christmas and since spending the last couple of weeks using it, I have realised just how cool it really it! Alas, I am here to share my enthusiasm with the rest of you!

The Five Year Memory Book is a little gift lurking in the depths of your local Waterstones. It’s hundreds of blank pages, waiting to be filled with the events of your days, months and years.










For those of you who have promised to keep a diary, attempted and failed miserably year after year, this is for you. There is limited space per day (think of it as a Twitter diary!) so you have to describe your day as succinctly as possible.



What’s more – Each page has a space for the following five years. So, the magical part is, each day you can look back and see what you did one, two, five years ago on that day!

It is the perfect reflection tool and really encourages you to live each day to the fullest – you want them all to be memorable right?!

I’m feeling a YOLO moment. But I won’t say that out loud…