Breaking My Festival Virginity!



I’m 21 years old and – until this year – had never once braved a festival. It’s not that I can’t handle the filth, cold and smelly toilets; it was because my dad put me off with a TONNE of horror stories when I was 15…

Your tent will get burnt down by hooligans. You will get punched in the face. You will have your drink spiked or get injected with an unknown substance.You will hate every second. You are not going.

However, last year my friends went to YNot festival in Derbyshire and had the best time so this year I wanted in on the action!

For those of you who don’t know much about YNot, it’s a relatively small festival which is welcome for both families and groups of friends. They showcase both popular artists and the new, up and coming! You definitely don’t need to know the bands to have a good time – I definitely didn’t and still managed to dance along to most of the music.

YNot has won Best Toilet Awards in the past and service their toilets 24 hours a day. I think there was only one occasion where there was no toilet paper in the cubicle – not bad!

There’s a roller disco, ferris wheel, dodgems, amazing food and most importantly – a reggae tent! Course I got down there for dance off or too…

At night if you get a little nippy there’s a roaring fire pit where people gather to reminisce, gossip or have a little nap. If you’d rather keep going – there’s a secret party each year that takes place each night. This year it was behind a bookcase in a granny-led cafe – genius!

The sun didn’t shine much but the music kept playing and the drinks kept flowing. I loved every second of it and would happily do it again.

Next year, get a HUGE group of friends together and check it out. It’s only £80 for a weekend ticket!


Here’s a line-up of my favourites:

Dizzee Rascal | White Lies | Newton Faulkner | Nordic Giants | Luke Sital-Singh | Eliza and the Bear | Amber Run | Bipolar Sunshine |





I’m Back!



Hello to you my beautiful readers!

Firstly, I must apologise for my complete lack of posting. I’ve been terrible and I am well aware of that. However, China don’t allow WordPress – what’s a girl to do?!

Anyway I. Am. Back.

I’ve refreshed the blog for summer (do you like it?!) and I, myself am very refreshed also! In time I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Shanghai. But in the meantime, I just wanted to pop in and say hello! I hope you’re all having a splendid summer – despite any rain – and have continued to smile throughout!

For now, here’s a song to get you smiling, groovin and movin;


Croatian Adventure – Day Four

Again we awoke to the beauty of Croatia, bright and early, the birds tweeting and the sea calm as can be!

We had to catch the ferry at 12:30 so we decided to get  a leisurely breakfast (ice cream – the best ice cream ever) and relax whilst we waited. The ferry took us to the island of Kolocep – a smaller island with less cars and less tourists than Lopud. It was quaint, but I’m not sure we could have stayed there long!

The day started off leisurely, we sea kayaked to the edges of the island, we swam – it was lovely! Then there was the perfect opportunity for a stunning photo! As part of this process, I decided to take off my wetshoes. What followed was dramatic:

I threw my shoes to Carly, missed and they landed in the water. ‘No worries’ I thought and posed for the picture!

I then lowered myself into the water to retrieve them.

I got them!

Then my sunglasses fell off my head and I lent back to catch them, kicking the wall and feeling a really deep cut through my foot. I returned to the rocks convinced I’d cut myself on a sharp one. Turns out, I stood on a sea urchin. Not pretty ladies and gents! We asked the locals what to do… they said pee on it. So we kayaked off to a deserted area and I peed in a bottle, then poured it on my foot. I can vouch, it doesn’t work. I still have sea urchin spines in my foot to this day! I’m also not sure the photos were even worth it…

My first word of warning for Croatia: always wear wetshoes!

After a quiet cocktail we made it back to Lopud at roughly 6pm. A quick shower, change and hack at my foot and we were on the vino again! (it helped with the pain) As we drank we watched the sunset from our balcony. It’s enough to take your breath away!

We went to our favourite restaurant on the island. The waiter was called Sacha and greeted us with a cherry liquor on the house!

After a boozey meal, he then surprised us with free chocolate cake, declaring that we must thank the chefs personally. So we did…



#2Holiday Preppin – Wardrobe Woes



holiday prep

So this week we have the holiday wardrobe!

I go to Croatia in less than two weeks and I’ve done SO much holiday shopping, so it was only natural I share my purchases with you all! (I’m not a fashion blogger so the pictures aren’t as extravagant as I might have liked them, but you get the jist!)

The Harem







If you’ve never worn a pair of harems then you absolutely must try them out! They’re a little quirky and eccentric (which is totally allowed on holiday!) and they are literally the comfiest piece of attire ever manufactured! You can lunge, you can roll, you can do a little dance…and because of their material they’re very breathable for the hot climates! Not to mention these were a bargain!!

I bought a simple white crop to match which is another little handy piece for your travels!

Trouser, H&M – £9.99 | Top, H&M – £3.99

Peachy Perfect




As soon as there’s just a hint of spring in the air, it is completely acceptable to whip on your pastels. Pastels are great on almost everybody and give just enough colour to lift your spirits and feel all warm and summery inside! I got this chiffon top with a floral design from Ark – it was the first thing I saw when I walked in and one of the only items I actually bought from the gazillion I tried on! It’s really light and super easy for a night out on hols!

Top, Ark – £14.99 (plus got some student discount!)





Every year I buy a new pair of sunglasses. I’ve thought about splashing out and getting a pair of prescription sunnies, but I break them each year without fail! Alas, H&M provide me with my annual pair at a fairly disposable price. That way, if they don’t break, it’s a bonus for the following year and I can then mix and match! This year I went (as usual) for the bug eye glasses with just a hint of leopardyness on the frame. They’ll do the job nicely I think!

Sunglasses, H&M – £5.99




Playsuits are seriously the easiest thing to take on holiday. It’s an outfit in one so that’s less space in the case and no hassle trying to find bits to match, just fling it on and party like a rockstar! This pattern is very bold and definitely only suitable for warmer climates, but the shape of the playsuit makes it look like a bandeau and skirt so flatters my HUGE booty and makes my waist looks smaller than it is (praise the lord!)

Playsuit, ASOS – £18

Bikini with a side of Denim



I’m not going to lie, it took me forever to track down a decent bikini! It’s a personal thing and different people have different preferences, but like anything, when you try it on, you’ll know. That’s how I found this gem. You can’t see it in the picture, but it’s a floral and crocheted. I’m normally dubious about white swimwear because it tends to go see-through, but this is nice and thick so shouldn’t be a problem at all! (hopefully)

I’m going to a festival this year so I had to get my hands on a decent pair of denim shorts. I love these ones from H&M because they fit like a glove with just enough room to drink my Kopparbergs! That and my ass cheeks don’t hang out – that’s not a good look ladies…

Bikini, Dorothy Perkins – £24.99 | Shorts, H&M – £14.99

Whiteness and Tightness 




I fell in love with these shorts when I tried them on. They’re tailored so fit really well and smarten up most outfits in a split second! Paired with a crop top they make for a fresh evening outfit! Like with all white garments, you gotta be careful with the panties (wear white or none at all!) and don’t sit on a chocolate bar! I’ll probably fail both of those rules.. But I’ll be on holiday so it’s fine!

Shorts, Ark – £17.99


I intend to buy more bits and pieces but I think I got a lot of the essentials down! (I’m only going for 6 days!!! – girls will be girls)