Breaking My Festival Virginity!



I’m 21 years old and – until this year – had never once braved a festival. It’s not that I can’t handle the filth, cold and smelly toilets; it was because my dad put me off with a TONNE of horror stories when I was 15…

Your tent will get burnt down by hooligans. You will get punched in the face. You will have your drink spiked or get injected with an unknown substance.You will hate every second. You are not going.

However, last year my friends went to YNot festival in Derbyshire and had the best time so this year I wanted in on the action!

For those of you who don’t know much about YNot, it’s a relatively small festival which is welcome for both families and groups of friends. They showcase both popular artists and the new, up and coming! You definitely don’t need to know the bands to have a good time – I definitely didn’t and still managed to dance along to most of the music.

YNot has won Best Toilet Awards in the past and service their toilets 24 hours a day. I think there was only one occasion where there was no toilet paper in the cubicle – not bad!

There’s a roller disco, ferris wheel, dodgems, amazing food and most importantly – a reggae tent! Course I got down there for dance off or too…

At night if you get a little nippy there’s a roaring fire pit where people gather to reminisce, gossip or have a little nap. If you’d rather keep going – there’s a secret party each year that takes place each night. This year it was behind a bookcase in a granny-led cafe – genius!

The sun didn’t shine much but the music kept playing and the drinks kept flowing. I loved every second of it and would happily do it again.

Next year, get a HUGE group of friends together and check it out. It’s only £80 for a weekend ticket!


Here’s a line-up of my favourites:

Dizzee Rascal | White Lies | Newton Faulkner | Nordic Giants | Luke Sital-Singh | Eliza and the Bear | Amber Run | Bipolar Sunshine |